Special Summer Edition - July 2013

Gubernatorial debate comes to Montclair State

The Wall Street Journal

  Photo of Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Barbara Buono.

Montclair State University has been selected as one of two sites for New Jersey's gubernatorial debates this fall. Governor Chris Christie and State Senator Barbara Buono will face off on campus in October 2013.

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Montclair State first to solicit bids for bond-funded campus construction projects


"These are urgently needed facilities," said Montclair State University President Susan A. Cole. "We meant it when we said they were shovel-ready, and we want to be poised to go into the ground as soon as the Legislature approves the disbursal of funds."

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 Photo of CELS and SBUS building renderings.

Multi-million dollar autism research in New Jersey to be coordinated at Montclair State University

The Montclair Times

 children playing at Center for Autism.

Seven grants, totaling $4.5 million, were recently awarded by the Governor's Council for Medical Research and Treatment of Autism, marking a new, coordinated approach to autism research in the state. Gerard Costa, director of the Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health at Montclair State, is leading the collaboration among the research sites.

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In New Jersey, a university teams up with local news orgs to collaborate for impact

Nieman Journalism Lab

The NJ News Commons is one part of Montclair State's Center for Cooperative Media, a unique initiative at the School of Media and Communication. While many journalism schools are innovating around news entrepreneurship, Montclair State has gone in a new direction.

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  NJ News Commons logo.

Op-Ed: What if Zimmerman had not been armed?

The Record

 gavel stock photo.

Jessica S. Henry, an associate professor at Montclair State’s Department of Justice Studies who served as a public defender for nearly a decade, weighs in on a trial that riveted the nation.

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New Jersey loses more students to out-of-state colleges than it attracts

NJTV, NJ Today

The state has the dubious distinction of leading the nation in the brain drain. “I’ve spoken to six governors about this issue,” says Susan A. Cole, president of Montclair State University, who has been following the problem for years.

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 Photo of Montclair State President Susan Cole.

Women in STEM: Advice for young women

Nerd Scholar

 Photo of Dr. Diana Thomas, Center for Obesity Research.

Successful women in the STEM field, including Montclair State professor Diana Thomas, offer advice to young women who want to grow careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

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Students hope Congress takes action to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling

NJTV, NJ Today

Higher student loan interest rates would likely hurt many loan recipients, says Jim Anderson, the director of financial aid at Montclair State University.

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 Photo of Jim anderson, director of Financial Aid.


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Also In This Issue

Political Commentary

November NJ election has bigger implications than partisan control (The Star-Ledger) - Brigid Harrison, a professor of political science at Montclair State University, said gaining control of the court would give Christie a chance to build an “enormous legacy.”

Cory Booker's competition: Four-way Democratic Senate primary takes shape in NJ (ABC News) - Brigid Harrison acknowledges that Booker “clearly has an upper hand” when it comes to name recognition.

Senator Lautenberg's death costs Obama's Democrats a liberal vote (Reuters) - Harrison speculates that Christie might cross the political aisle and appoint Booker to the Senate.

Professor Expertise

Wall Street ethics in question (USA Today) - Business School professor Ronald Strauss concludes that no amount of reforms or regulation will ensure stability unless ethical practices are changed.

Sibling bullying is a serious underestimated problem (Passaic Valley Today) - Professor Jonathan Caspi, director of the PhD in family studies program, says sibling abuse is the most widespread form of child maltreatment, outnumbering parental abuse, domestic violence and peer bullying.

New Jersey swimmers warned about jellyfish (NJ 101.5) - Director of aquatic and coastal sciences at Montclair State, professor Paul Bologna says the populations of many types of marine life that used to eat jellyfish have been decimated. The result? More jellies are surviving.

Millions of cicadas set to surface in New Jersey (Montclair Patch) - Scott Kight, associate professor of biology and molecular biology, calms fears and recommends residents to "sit back and enjoy the long-anticipated show."

Historic oak in Teaneck has second shot at life (The Record) - Associate chair of the department of biology and molecular biology, Dirk Vanderklein says even if the tree cloning is successful, there is no guarantee that the offspring will live as long as its parent.

Will online gambling help or hurt Atlantic City? (USA Today) - Patrali Chatterjee, associate professor of marketing at Montclair State, who has studied the potential effect of Internet gambling, discusses the challenges that casinos now face.


Star's advice to Montclair State grads: Live with grace, and with feeling (The Record) - S. Epatha Merkerson, a star of the hit television crime show Law & Order, told Montclair State grads that she hoped they would embrace life with joy, grit and curiosity.

Montclair State graduates, 2013 is largest class ever (Baristanet) - Actress S. Epatha Merkerson delivered the Commencement address to 3,273 undergraduates and 1,047 graduate students, the largest in University history.

Students in the News

Cannes Film Festival features Montclair student's film (Bloomfield Patch) - The week Jenna Leung graduated from Montclair State she didn’t just have her cap, gown and diploma on her mind. She also had the Cannes Film Festival to think about.

NJTV airs student-produced documentary (Warren Reporter) - Recent Montclair State graduates followed the musical journey of 24 students in the University's Vocal Accord choral group as they sang their way through Europe.

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