September 2013

Montclair State welcomes largest freshman class in school's 105-year history

The Star-Ledger

  Photo of students moving in.

Montclair State's enrollment has been growing steadily for more than a decade, and this year, the University welcomes its largest freshman class in school history.

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Montclair State archaeologists uncover mini-Coloseum built by vicious Roman emperor

The Daily Mail, UK

A team of archaeologists from Montclair State have unearthed a private mini-Colosseum built by the notorious Roman emperor who is featured in the Oscar-winning film, Gladiator. Professor Timothy Renner says that Commodus used his ampitheatre for 'practice' as a killer of animals and as a gladiator.

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 Photo of archaeology site in rome.

NJ university presidents call on Congress, Obama, to close "Innovation Deficit"

New Jersey Tech Weekly

 President Susan Cole.

Four presidents of New Jersey universities, including President Susan Cole, signed an open letter calling on President Barack Obama and members of the 113th Congress to close the innovation deficit, saying it "must be a national imperative."

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Montclair State volunteers rekindling sense of community 9/11 engendered

Passac Valley Today

Volunteers from Montclair State University spread out across North Jersey in honor of the Sept. 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance. The initiatives, which ranged from painting projects in Little Falls, to trail maintenance at Essex County's Hilltop Reservation, had the volunteers give their time to complete 10 projects, eight of them off campus.

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 photo from national day of service 2012.

Jersey Shore jellyfish population jumps

NBC New York

 professor Paul Bologna in a boat.

Swimmers on the Jersey Shore are being threatened by an invasion of jellyfish that are stinging with a vengeance this summer. Paul Bologna from Montclair State is researching the jellyfish population to find possible ways to reduce their numbers.

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Montclair State police chief represents department statewide

Montclair Times

On top of his duties managing Montclair State's 40-member force, earlier this summer Chief Paul Cell took over as president of the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police. Cell is the first university department chief to hold the statewide distinction.

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 Photo of university police chief Paul Cell.


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Also In This Issue

University Expertise

Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship must reflect Montclair State's culture (New Jersey Tech Weekly) - Dennis Bone, director of the new center, is attempting to create a diverse program with student teams made up of multiple disciplines and a student body that reflects the makeup of the campus.

'On Our Minds': The hidden scars of childhood trauma (Montclair Times) - Gerard Costa, director of the Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health, says "Early adverse relationships create a different neurobiology. We're only now understanding. We're only now waking up to this."

Five tips to make a smooth transition from summer haze to back to school days (Baristanet) - Assistant professor Sumi Hagiwara says that structure and routine are key for prepping children to return to school.

Washington Post may find conflict in Amazon coverage (NPR) - Merrill Brown, director of the School of Communication and Media, discusses the potential conflict after the Washington Post is sold to an Amazon CEO.

NY Giants head coach not alone in believing in power of inspirational adages (The Daily News) - Rob Gilbert, a professor of sports psychology at Montclair State, says, "the most effective inspirational phrase of all might have been Nike’s, ‘Just do it.’"

Parts of East Antarctic ice sheet have melted before and could again (Alaska Dispatch) - According to Sandra Passchier, associate professor of geoscience, we can't assume that the ice sheet is stable, "the data shows us that it is not."

4 questions to ask during student loan counseling (U.S. News) - Understanding exactly how much you expect to borrow over the course of earning your degree is an important first step, says Jim Anderson, director of financial aid.

Crazy Talk: Language matters in mental health (Montclair Times) - Leslie Kooyman, an associate professor of counseling, explains that stigma can make the difference between whether or not a person accesses services.

University News

Montclair State plans to build business, science academic buildings in Little Falls (Clifton Journal) - The new buildings, both of which are technically located in Little Falls, will not only boost the college's academic programs, they may also serve as a draw for current and upcoming Clifton High School students.

Montclair State trustees award $102M contract for campus construction projects (NJBIZ) - The board of trustees of Montclair State University authorized the award of a $102-million contract to Terminal Construction Corp. to provide general contractor services in support of the construction of two new academic buildings.


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