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Rave SMS Opt-In

With the new Rave Opt-In service, users who do not have a Montclair State University NetID (e.g., parents, campus visitors) can now receive text messages from our Rave Text Alerts system.

Who Can Sign Up?

Parents, family members and campus visitors can now receive the same messages sent to all Montclair State students, faculty and staff about campus emergencies, road detours, delayed openings and more.

Please Note: University faculty, staff and students are encouraged to continue to use the Rave website to sign up for the text alerts. This new opt-in list is specifically for campus visitors and users without a University NetID.

How Do They Sign Up?

Users can sign up at any time by texting the keyword montclairstatealerts to one of the following numbers: 226787, 67283, 78015, 77295 or 81437.

How Is This List Managed?

The opt-in users are placed on a separate list from the main Rave Text Alert that houses users with a University NetID. This new system is completely user-managed.

If a family member or visitor signs up for the Rave Text Alerts and wants to be taken off of the system, they can text “STOP” to one of the following numbers: 226787, 67283, 78015, 77295 or 81437. Texting “START” to any of these shortcodes will resume / reinstate the Alert messages.

Message Rates May Apply

Please Note: While Rave Mobile Safety does not charge for this service, message and data rates may apply. Depending upon the user’s current mobile phone service plan and contract, their carrier may charge for text messages. Please refer to the current mobile phone service plan and contract for additional information.