Filing Anonymous Reports

  1.  Why has Montclair State contracted with MySafeWorkplace, a third party?
  2.  When should I not contact MySafeWorkplace?
  3.  How do I file a report?
  4.  What happens after I file a report?
  5.  Why is this process anonymous?
  6.  Is this process really anonymous?
  7.  Might this system give people an opportunity to file frivolous or unfounded reports?
  8.  Might employees feel like someone is watching over them?
  9.  Where can I get more information? 


1) Why has Montclair State University contracted with MySafeWorkplace, a third party? Top of Page

Following the Enron and other corporate scandals, Congress enacted the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which addresses issues of governance, ethics, business process, and accountability. Although the Act does not apply to public or not-for-profit entities, the concerns it addresses are universal. The National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) has issued recommendations on how to deal with these concerns. One of NACUBO’s recommendations is that institutions offer employees a confidential mechanism to communicate questions about accounting, auditing, internal control processes, and other ethical issues. Creating open channels of communication promotes a positive work environment, and an effective reporting system can be a useful tool in reducing fraud and abuse. Montclair State has hired a third party, MySafeWorkplace, to provide its employees with a simple, risk-free way to make anonymous and confidential reports on perceived or alleged misconduct.

2) When should I not contact MySafeWorkplace? Top of Page

MySafeWorkplace cannot handle certain categories of concerns or general complaints, and it does not replace existing reporting methods on campus. We therefore encourage you to try to resolve problems or disputes through established channels when possible. Please use the recommended procedures outlined by University policies for the following types of issues:

  • Discrimination or harassment — View the procedures detailed in Discrimination, Harassment or Hostile Environments in the Workplace or contact Director of Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Diversity Barbara Milton @ 973-655-4349.
  • Bargaining unit grievances — contact your bargaining unit representative.
  • AFT: Local 1904 Union office @ 973-655-4453.
  • CWA: Local 1031 Eric Samuelson @ 973-655-4288 or Christina Molinari @ 973-655-4195. 
  • IFPTE: Thomas Buesing @ 973-655-4472.
  • Police and Security
     FOB: Local 200 (police officers) @ 973-655-5222.
     Sergeants: N.J. Law Enforcement Supervisors Association @ 609-499-3095.
  • AFSCME: Local 2318 (N.J. School of Conservation) Nellie Willis/P.O. Box 152/Montclair, NJ 07043.

3) How do I file a report? Top of Page

You can file a report on the MySafeWorkplace website.  Because MySafeWorkplace provides for reporting over the Internet, you can submit a report from your home, a neighbor’s computer, or even the library as well as your workstation. For people who are uncomfortable with computers, MySafeWorkplace provides a toll-free hotline (1-800-461-9330) that is staffed 24 hours a day. After you select the category that best matches the problem you want to report, MySafeWorkplace will walk you through a questionnaire. We encourage reporters to provide as much information as possible.  

4) What happens after I file a report? Top of Page

Montclair State University will handle all reports submitted via MySafeWorkplace promptly and discreetly, with the University’s ethics liaison officer or legal counsel investigating charges or referring them to other appropriate officials for investigation.

You can return to the MySafeWorkplace website to enter additional information or respond to questions that University officials might have as they review your report. We ask that you follow up within two weeks of filing a report.

5) Why is this process anonymous? Top of Page

The most common reason employees do not report their suspicions of misconduct is fear of retaliation by management and/or co-workers. Anonymity substantially increases the number of individuals who are willing to share their suspicions. Of course, people submitting reports can also disclose their identities if they choose.

6) Is this process really anonymous? Top of Page

MySafeWorkplace is dedicated to protecting anonymity and is contractually bound not to identify reporters without their consent. In compliance with New Jersey’s Conscientious Employee Protection Act (or “Whistleblower Act”), Montclair State will not retaliate against anyone for reporting or inquiring in good faith about potential policy breaches or for seeking guidance on how to handle suspected breaches.

7) Might this system give people an opportunity to file frivolous or unfounded reports? Top of Page

The experience of other organizations is that, as a general rule, only a small fraction of reports are frivolous or unfounded, and most of them are quickly identified as such.  

8) Might employees feel like someone is watching over them? Top of Page

Some people might feel that way, but this reporting system concentrates on its positive roles and allows our employees to partner with us to ensure that we provide a safe and ethical workplace. Employees should feel encouraged to seek guidance on ethical problems, provide constructive suggestions, and communicate their concerns. Effective communication is critical in today’s workplace, and this is a great tool to enhance that communication.

9) Where can I get more information? Top of Page

You can get more information about MySafeWorkplace at the website You can also contact Keith Barrack, Ethics Liaison Officer, at ext. 4213 or