Outside Activity Questionnaire

You may have a second job, outside volunteer activity, or personal business interest only if it is compatible with your University responsibilities. You must not:

  • undertake any employment or service that might reasonably be expected to impair your objectivity and independence of judgment in the exercise of your official duties;
  • engage in any business, profession, trade, or occupation that is subject to licensing or regulation by a specific State agency without promptly filing notice of that activity with the State Ethics Commission;
  • engage in any business, transaction, or professional activity that is in substantial conflict with the proper discharge of your duties in the public intere
  • oruse State time, personnel, or other resources for the other job or activity.

All State employees must complete the Outside Activity Questionnaire (via your login to ESS State Ethics Rules Data) on commencement of employment, every other year thereafter, and whenever there is a change in the employee's outside activity.  It is not necessary to report on activity conducted in a scholarly capacity on the Questionnaire.

If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Human Resources at extension x5293 or the University's Ethics Liaison Officer.  Employees whose Questionnaires do not win approval have the right to appeal that decision to the State Ethics Commission.

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