Personal and Business Relationships Disclosure Form

NJSA 52:34-10.9 requires State officers and employees and special State officers and employees of State agencies to file disclosure statements about personal and business relationships with vendors.

Only individuals involved in purchasing need to complete the form, but the legislation does not focus solely on Procurement Services: All individuals who have review or approval roles need to file — and later update — disclosure statements. Disclosure should cover the period of five years prior to the completion of the form.

It is normal for employees in Procurement Services to get to know individual vendors over the years. If such relationships extend beyond the workplace to include meals, golf outings, and the like, however, employees must note such relationships in their disclosure statements. If State employees have no business interests or relationships to report, they should note that in their statements.

Although the form is meant primarily for internal use, the State Ethics Commission will also keep copies on file.

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