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Graduate Advisement

If my undergraduate degree is not in Exercise Science or Physical Education, can I still obtain my MA in Exercise Science and Physical Education?
Applicants for the concentration in Teaching and Supervision of Physical Education must have a bachelor’s degree with a major in physical education (teacher ed), or a teaching certificate in physical education. Students who do not have an undergraduate degree in physical education will be considered for acceptance into the non-teaching concentrations in the MA Program in Exercise Science and Physical Education, following completion of the prerequisite coursework for the particular concentration. For the concentration in Sports Administration and Coaching, a bachelor’s degree with evidence of coursework in Basic Motor Learning and Kinesiology is preferred. Students applying to this concentration without previous coursework in motor learning and kinesiology will be assigned selected readings and be required to take a challenge test to demonstrate a base level of knowledge in these areas. For the concentration in Exercise Science, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree with evidence of coursework in Anatomy and Physiology (four credits) and Physiology of Exercise (three credits). A challenge test based on selected readings is also available for students who have not taken a course in Physiology of Exercise.
Can I gain teacher certification as part of the MA in Exercise Science and Physical Education?
No. Teacher certification is not part of the MA Program in Exercise Science and Physical Education. Teacher certification in physical education can be obtained as part of the Master of Arts in Teaching program or post BA certification program. The advisor for the teacher certification programs is Dr. Carolyn Masterson.
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Is it necessary for me to take the Graduate Record Examination?
Yes. The GRE is required for acceptance into the MA Program in Exercise Science and Physical Education. Scores on the General Test must be submitted to the Graduate Office as part of the application packet. You can receive more information about the GRE through the Graduate Office or contact the Educational Testing Service directly:
Educational Testing Service
P.O. Box 6000
Princeton, NJ 08541-6000 USA
800-GRE-CALL or 609-771-7670
How many courses do most students take each semester?
Most students take one to two courses each semester.
Can I enroll on a part-time basis?
Yes, anything under nine credits is considered to be part-time, and the majority of our students attend on a part-time basis.
When do classes meet (time of day)?
Classes meet one evening a week (M, T, W, or Th) from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Our classes are held on the fourth floor of University Hall.
Are graduate courses offered during the summer?
Yes. During Summer Session, one course from each concentration is offered. Although, during the summer, classes generally meet two to four times per week depending on the length of the particular summer session.
Do you offer classes in a hybrid or online format?
At this time we do not have any courses that are offered completely online, although we do have several that are offered in the hybrid format (in that at least 40% of the class meetings are online).
How long will it take to complete the MA in Exercise Science and Physical Education
It is possible to complete the MA in Exercise Science and Physical Education in two years, including summer sessions. The average time to complete the program is approximately three years. You have up to six years to complete the program.
Is a thesis required for the MA in Exercise Science and Physical Education?
The program does not include a thesis course. However, students must complete a capstone experience. Students in the Sports Administration and Coaching concentration and the Exercise Science concentration have their choice of doing an applied project, internship or research project. Those in the Teaching and Supervision in Physical Education concentration must do an applied project. In the applied project option, students are required to develop a tangible product such as position paper, journal article, action research investigation, instructional videotape/CD ROM, review of curriculum, policy manual, etc.
Do I have to take a comprehensive exam?
No, we do not have a comprehensive exam.
Can I transfer credits earned at another institution?
Yes. Six credits of graduate coursework completed at another institution may be transferred to the MA degree in Exercise Science and Physical Education, with the approval of the Graduate Coordinator. To qualify for transfer credit, the grade for a course must be B or better.
Are Graduate Assistant positions available in Exercise Science and Physical Education?
Yes. Several different types of Graduate Assistant positions are available to qualified students in the MA program in Exercise Science and Physical Education. The positions include assignments in teaching of non-major activity courses and laboratory supervision. For further information on Graduate Assistant opportunities, contact the Chairperson of the Department of ESPE, Dr. Robert Horn.
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Can I get my Supervisory Certificate with this degree?
Yes, as long as you choose your electives correctly. The Graduate Coordinator will advise you on what to take so that you have everything you need to apply to the state for a Supervisory Certificate. A Supervisory Certificate is necessary if you wish to become an area supervisor or athletic director.
Which courses can I take as electives?
Any graduate course from any department (for which you meet the prerequisites) can be taken as an elective. We have a list of electives offered through our department. You can also take courses from any of the other concentrations as electives. If you are pursuing your supervisory certificate, courses in education (general courses in curriculum and supervision) are recommended (see Graduate Coordinator for specific course numbers).