professor and student using equipment in Athletic Training lab

About the Panzer Student

The Panzer Student

  1. A Panzer Student Values Learning and Knowledge
    • They Value Attendance in Class – They arrive early to receive help or help others; arrange for missed work.
    • They Value Learning and Performance in Class – They actively initiate learning in class; critically think; connect with prior knowledge and apply knowledge; extend knowledge to others.
    • Their Work Demonstrates Preparation and Personal Reflection – They use quality resources to add scope and depth in order to produce exceptional work; demonstrate personal reflection and revision which leads.
  2. A Panzer Student Values Diversity
    • They Value Working with Those of Different Abilities, Races, Gender and Ethnicity – They actively seek opportunities to work with those different from themselves; seek feedback from a variety of sources and have compassion for others and listens actively to many points of view.
  3. A Panzer Student Values Collaboration with Others in and out of Class
    • They Value and Promote Group Goals to Ensure the Success of the Group – They relate well and promote the success of the group; are well prepared and on time for group meetings; incorporate ideas from others in-group.
  4. A Panzer Student Values Professionalism
    • They Value and Respect School Rules, Policies and Norms – They accept self-responsibility and demonstrate exemplary behavior for others including following rules and policies with regard to dress code, behavior and other aspects of school operation; they encourage others to do the same.
    • They Value the Written and Spoken Word – Their written work and spoken communication is articulate, grammatically correct, conventional and respectful.
    • They Value Involvement in their Profession including Professional Development – They actively involve themselves in professional activities and/or events including publications; take part in leadership roles in school, local, state and/or national professional associations.
  5. A Panzer Student Values Personal Integrity
    • They Value Personal and Social Responsibility – They treat others with dignity and respect no matter their viewpoints; lead others by example; are dependable; always accountable and responsible for their own behavior and work.
    • They Value Good Character and Integrity – They are passionate about truth and personal integrity; are dependable in all circumstances surrounding personal and professional responsibilities; are a role model for truth and justice for others to follow.