Design and Construction

Design and Construction provides professional and technical consulting and project management services to the University community as it relates to the initiation, organization and management of campus planning, space management, facility design, capital construction and facility renewal initiatives. By doing so, the University environment enriches the academic and residential facilities, insures code compliance and provides a safe environment for the University community.

Please browse the following list of construction projects on campus.

Current Projects
Center for Environmental and Life Sciences (CELS)
School of Business (SBUS)


Completed ProjectsYear Completed
University Hall Lab Renovation 2014
Combined Heating, Cooling, and Power Project 2013
The John J. Cali School of Music 2011
The Heights (North Camus Student Residence and Dining Facility) 2011
College Avenue Promenade 2011
Freeman Hall Bathroom and ADA Renovations 2011
Sinatra Hall 2010
CarParc Diem Garage 2010
Cafe Construction and Upgrades (Einstein Bagel) 2010
Panzer Gym Renovation 2010
Student Recreation Center 2008
Cafe Diem 2007
George Segal Gallery 2006
University Hall 2006 
Children's Center 2006
Women's Softball Stadium 2004
Alexander Kasser Theater 2004
The Village at Little Falls 2003
Red Hawk Parking Deck 2003