New Employee Orientation

We are excited about sharing the mission of University Facilities!

All employees hired into regular positions are required to attend FM&EM New Employee Orientation. It is highly recommended that you attend this orientation on your second day on the job. During this session, you will receive additional information pertaining to your benefits, University policies, and an overview of campus. Supervisors must register their new employees online by 3:00pm on the Wednesday prior to Orientation.

It is important to remember that the FM&EM Orientation program is supplemental to the orientation provided by Human Resources.  All required employment paperwork and forms related to benefits and payroll will be completed with Human Resources during their orientation.

Through our program, we hope to:

  • Welcome the employee to Montclair State University
  • Help the new employee develop a positive working relationship by building a foundation of knowledge about the University’s history, mission, vision, values and culture.
  • Help the new employees understand their roles and how their contributions help achieve the University’s goals.
  • Provide information on the University’s policies, procedures, benefits, and pay.
  • Offer resources, help, and growth for each employee.
  • Create a sense of excitement about their new job.

Orientation Agenda:

7:30am - 8:00am Registration, Parking Application
8:00am - 9:45am Introduction and Facilities Orientation
10:00am Human Resrouces Orientation

Upcoming Orientation Dates:

Register your new employees for Orientation through our online form.

  • TBA

Instructor(s): Jackie Alvarez/Joana Gonzalez/Preya Sanasie
Location: 1 Normal Avenue, Maintenance Building