The Division of University Facilities is dedicated to providing first-rate services and maintaining a clean, safe environment. A key component of this is our committment to provide our staff with access to various types of training.  Each staff member has the opportunity to participate in professional development seminars, computer literacy training through the Office of Information Technology, health and safety training through the Office of Environmental Health & Safety, informative personnel seminars through the Division Human Resources, and skill set training.

Cornerstone - Online Training

In October 2016, the Division launched the Learning Management System (LMS), Cornerstone. Facilities employees can use Cornerstone to take training online and keep a record of all training they have participated in.

You can log in to Cornerstone at

If you're having trouble with Cornerstone,  email for help.

"Connect Corner" Computer Stations

We have installed computer stations around campus for our employees' convenience. These stations, known as Connect Corners, will be available 24/7 for employees to take training through Cornerstone, or access WorkDay to check pay stubs, leave balances, make changes to benefits, and update personal information.

Connect Corners are located in the following buildings:

  • Bohn Hall
  • Maintenance Building
  • Student Center
  • Student Recreation Center
  • Ward Trucking
  • Williams Hall
Connect Corner computer stations


Request Training

If you would like to request a particular training or development program, please complete the following paperwork and send it to Joana Dos Santos at or through interoffice to The Overlook Building at 150 Clove Rd, 3rd Floor.

  • Travel Authorization  - this provides an estimate of any travel costs associated with your training (mileage driven, hotels, airfare, etc.).

To properly estimate your per diem rates (how much you can spend on lodging, meals, and miscellaneous expenses per day), please refer to the GSA website. These rates vary depending on the city that you are traveling to and their website will allow you to search by city or zip code to get the correct rates.

If you are driving your personal vehicle to the training, this webpage will tell you the correct mileage reimbursement rate. Remember to get & save receipts for any tolls and parking.

You may also refer to the University's Travel Regulations for other questions.

After you return from training, please complete the following form and send it to Joana.

  • Travel Reimbursement - this is how you get reimbursed for the expenses listed on the Travel Authorization From.