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Employees are Key to Our Success

In University Facilities, our employees are our most valuable asset.  As the “face” of this division, our staff serve as University ambassadors,  providing first-line customer service and serving as a knowledgeable source of information for faculty, staff, students and visitors.  You are a representative of the high standards to which we hold our organization.  Your work impacts the experience of every student and employee while at Montclair State University, a responsibility that you should place in high value.

The Office of University Facilities Human Resources is available to assist with Human Resources services. It is your first point of contact for questions regarding your employment at Montclair State.

University Facilities Learning & Development (L&D) supports the University’s mission by enhancing the abilities of managers and employees to build a motivated, engaged and high-performing workforce. L&D provides learning and development opportunities at the individual, team and organizational levels.

Our learning solutions focus on developing or enhancing the competencies needed by individuals and teams in order to accomplish meaningful goals and create a positive work environment that encourages and values clarity, interaction, openness, diversity, community and results.

Learning & Development strives to influence and affect the quality and effectiveness of individuals and work teams positively across the Division, and to be a catalyst by motivating, encouraging and enabling others to act.

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University Facilities: A Rewarding Place to Work

Job Opportunities in University Facilities

Looking for a job within University Facilities?

Full-Time Employment

The Division of University Facilities follows Montclair State University and applicable collective bargaining agreement posting and hiring guidelines for all positions.  All postings are available on the Division of Human Resources web site.  Applications must be submitted through Human Resources, unless otherwise stated in the job posting.

Temporary Employment

In order to qualify for employment eligibility within the Division of University Facilities, new temporary workers will possess the required skills and experience for a position before they are hired. Temporary employment postings are available on the Division of Human Resources web site.  Applications must be submitted through Human Resources, unless otherwise stated in the job posting.

Student Snow Shoveling Job Opportunities

Help your fellow students by making our campus walkways safe, while earning money!  Earn $15.00 per hour as a snow removal assistant.

University Facilities seeks dependable students to work as Snow Removal Assistants, during the winter season:

  • Flexible hours
  • Training provided

Please direct all inquiries about Snow Removal Assistant opportunities to 973-655-6704 or email: snow-work@mail.montclair.edu.

New Employee Onboarding and Orientation

Welcome to Montclair State University. University Facilities is more than a workplace. It’s All Here! We are excited to share the mission of University Facilities.

New full-time employees are required to attend both University and Divisional New Employee Orientation.  Information communicated in Division orientation includes organizational structure, nomenclature, roles, responsibilities, expectations of employees and University culture. Supervisors must register their new employees online by 3:00pm on the Wednesday prior to Orientation.

It is important to remember that University Facilities orientation is supplemental to Human Resources orientation.  All required employment paperwork and forms related to benefits and payroll will be completed with Human Resources.

University Facilities Orientation strives to:

  • Welcome new employees to the Division.
  • Help new employees develop positive working relationships by building a foundation of knowledge about the University’s history, mission, vision, values and culture.
  • Educate new employees about their roles and how their contributions help achieve the University’s goals.
  • Provide information on University policies, procedures and operations.
  • Offer resources, assistance and paths for growth for each employee.
  • Create a sense of excitement about working in University Facilities.

New Employee Orientation Schedule:

Day 1
Montclair State HR Orientation 10:00 a.m. – Noon
Lunch with University Facilities “Buddy” Noon – 1:00 p.m.
Campus Tour & Introduction to Work Team 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Day 2
University Facilities New Employee Orientation 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Day 3
Labor Employee Operations Orientation 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

UF Orientation Instructor: Joana Dos Santos Gonzalez
UF Orientation Location: Overlook Building- 150 Clove Road, Little Falls

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Divisional Policies and Procedures

Information and guidance for Facilities employees cover the procedures, policies and standards most often applied in daily University Facilities work activities.

Workplace Policies


Facilities Employees: Learning Today. Leading Tomorrow.

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Training Opportunities

University Facilities is committed to providing our staff with access to development, technical, and safety training.

Facilities Training


Employees: The Shining Stars of University Facilities

Employee Appreciation Award Winners

Employee Recognition

UF employee awards encourage outstanding performance; reward excellence in staff achievements; and recognize exceptional workplace creativity, innovation and sustained excellence.

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Contact Facilities Learning and Development
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