Engaged Teaching Fellows Program: High Impact Course Redesign

The Office for Faculty Advancement is piloting a new approach to the Engaged Teaching Fellows Program (ETFP).  Building on ten years of experience with ETFP supporting faculty as they work on individual courses based on principles of teaching and learning, and following a national movement known best as “course redesign,” OFA is taking the ETFP in a new direction, ETFP: High-Impact Course Redesign.

In High-Impact Course Redesign, faculty work together in small disciplinary groups to redesign courses that are most in need of strengthening. Faculty groups are supported by OFA, ITDS instructional designers, and through our many years of engagement with the Association of Public Land Grant Universities (APLU), which has worked with over a dozen universities as they have redesigned courses and achieved results in improving student success.  

Goal: Improve student outcomes in high enrollment, lower division courses

Eligibility requirements

  • The right course — a course that has
    • Annual enrollment of 200 or more students
    • Significant concerns, such as
      • high WDF rates
      • low student success in successor course
      • high student dissatisfaction
      • widely divergent approaches and assessment strategies across sections
  • A team of full-time faculty (3-5 people) who can design and teach the course over a 3-semester period (Sp 21, Fa 21, Sp 22)
  • Support from chair and dean to facilitate the course redesign implementation from pilot to full scale (2-4 sections; 25-50% of sections; 100% of sections)
  • A commitment to collaboration in course redesign and implementation of the design

Support provided

  • Analysis of selected courses based on existing MSU Data
  • Teaching & learning expertise from OFA
  • Advice and support on technologies for learning and teaching — OFA, ITDS,  and recommendations from APLU participating universities’ related disciplinary faculty
  • APLU expertise on adaptive technologies and strategies for personalized learning
  • 4 day summer institute (August 17-20, 2020)
    • Guidance in backward design, active learning, and adaptive learning technologies
    • Review and analysis of disciplinary specific research on successful redesigns at other institutions
    • Data analysis
    • Consultation with disciplinary experts from APLU partner institutions
    • ITDS instructional design support for enacting technological elements of redesign, particularly for online components 
  • Priority access to high tech training classroom, and/or contribution to summer redesign/upgrade of an existing university classroom
  • OFA support for assessment, with aim for collaboration on publication
    • Data analysis assistance 
  • Faculty Stipend
    • 1k Summer 2020
    • 1k Fall 2021

Brief Schedule


Workshop. High impact course redesign: An opportunity for MSU faculty OFA Sponsored Informational workshops (APLU representatives & OFA)

Recruitment with help from deans and associate provosts

Application deadline

Determination of High Impact Course Redesign teams

Initial meetings with design teams

OFA research on course design for each selected course; assessment design

4 day institute to jumpstart course redesign work

Completion of course redesign

Launch of pilot

Revision of redesign with plan for scale to 25 to 50% implementation


Revision semester and preparation for full scale

Third Semester: Full Implementation

Estimate of time expectations for faculty participants

5 hours

35 hours 

15 hours

Teach one section + 5-10 hours

Redesign work 10-25 hours

Teach one section + 5-10 hours 

Teach one section + 5-10 hours

Assessment & evaluation

  • Total of 3 semesters of implementation, with the following conducted each semester:
    • Course observations
    • Student surveys
    • Faculty interviews
    • Analysis of student learning outcomes
  • Scale schedule
    • First semester of usage: 10-25% of sections
    • Second semester: 25-50% of sections
    • Third semester: 100% of sections

Want to know more?

Attend Informational Workshop with presenters from the APLU: Monday, March 23rd @ 10:00 in the ADP Center (University Hall), rm. 1143)
Get in touch with Emily Isaacs by phone (973-655-5307) or email (isaacse@montclair.edu)