Annual University Teaching and Learning Showcase

11th Annual University Teaching and Learning Showcase

May 12, 2020

University Hall  Room 1070

(various session locations indicated in final schedule)


Dr. Lisa Hanasono
Dr. Lisa Hanasono

Dr. Lisa K. Hanasono

Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Bowling Green State University


Making Connections: Communicating Inclusivity in our Classrooms and Beyond

As university campuses and classrooms across the United States become increasingly more diverse, many faculty members are (re)affirming their commitment to making their teaching policies and practices more inclusive. From designing courses, assignments, and policies to engaging and educating students, there are myriad ways to communicate inclusivity to enhance student learning and support students more equitably. In this interactive presentation, Dr. Lisa Hanasono will present concrete strategies, practical tips, evidence-based examples, and specific action steps for communicating inclusivity in classrooms and beyond.

Accessibility Accommodations

The Office for Faculty Advancement is eager to provide accommodations for any guests who require them. Please contact Julie Dalley at or at 973-655-3110 to arrange for accommodations for your attendance.

Call for Proposals Now Open

Please click here for a downloadable (PDF) version of the Showcase 2020 CFP. 

The Office for Faculty Advancement, formerly the Research Academy for University Learning, in partnership with the Office of the Provost, invites proposals for the 11th Annual University Teaching and Learning Showcase to be held at Montclair State University on May 12, 2020.

The Showcase will be held in the University Hall 1st floor lecture halls and the ADP Center for Learning from 8:30am – 3:30pm. Sessions will be scheduled throughout the day, and will be presented alongside our keynote speaker, poster and networking session, with breakfast, breaks, and lunch served.

Our keynote speaker this year will be Dr. Lisa K. Hanasono, Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Bowling Green State University, presenting Making Connections: Communicating Inclusivity in our Classrooms and Beyond

We invite all teaching faculty and staff to consider this opportunity to share their practice and scholarly research with their peers and the campus community, by presenting at our Annual Showcase. Your work can contribute to ongoing professional development, knowledge sharing, and institutional learning that continually improves the student learning experience through engaged teaching approaches.

We invite submissions that represent theory, research, or practice in university teaching and learning and professional topics, such as writing, research, work/life balance, and will prioritize proposals that are evidence-based practices or research that seek to understand and improve learning and teaching across the disciplines. The Showcase will provide University scholars with the opportunity to share their projects and practices, acknowledge our colleagues’ accomplishments, and hold cross-disciplinary conversations to build upon each other’s findings in the hopes of establishing future collaborations and deeper learning opportunities for Montclair State students and faculty.

Types of presentations

Proposed sessions can take any of the following forms, but need not be limited to this list:

  • Roundtable Discussions provide an alternative forum for discussion and debate of a specific issue. This format is especially appropriate for sessions in which the presenters’ role is to facilitate the audience’s exploration of the issue. One or more facilitators may lead a roundtable discussion.
  • Workshops provide a means to teach new skills of relevance to the field. One or more instructors may teach a workshop.
  • Poster Presentations focus on the presentation of the author(s) contribution to theory, research, and/or practice through illustrative materials displayed on posters. The presenter(s) remain with his/her poster during specific time of the conference so that viewers may have the opportunity to ask questions and exchange ideas.
  • Demonstrations – demonstrations are interactive and ask the participants to engage in and try out a new and specific practice in teaching and learning that could be applicable to a certain discipline or used widely by a variety of disciplines. The participants will expect to learn a new teaching approach by following a demonstration from the presenter.

We also invite the possibility of sessions or demonstrations that might be conducted from remote locations through close-circuit television, the Internet, or Virtual World. If you have alternative ways to share your ideas and work, please do not hesitate to propose them.

The Showcase sessions will be 50 minutes in length, though special time requests (such as double-length sessions) will be considered. Please be sure to identify for the committee where and how you believe your work is best highlighted.

See the topic areas outlined below:

  • Undergraduate research (student involvement in, student-initiated, student presentations of, etc.);
  • Active and Engaged Learning (syllabus design, assignment design, in and out of class activities, effective online assignments, community building, group work, engaging classroom discussions, etc.);
  • Topics and issues on diverse and inclusive teaching and professional experiences.
  • Faculty Research and Writing (time management, proposal writing, organizing research, conversations about the challenges of conducting research and writing);
  • Teaching with Technology and Online Student Engagement (assignment design, setting up discussion boards, challenges of, how to structure, creating learning modules, working with Canvas, etc.);
  • Writing Across the Disciplines (student writing in the discipline (science, technical, research, analyses); designing writing assignments for deep learning, to prevent plagiarism, getting students to read to strengthen their writing, etc.);
  • Assessment (forms of learning assessment, what does “effort” means, formative versus summative assessments of learning, to rubric or not to rubric, etc.).
  • Other: please describe.

Proposal Submissions

We invite you to submit a proposal by March 16, 2020. You are welcome to propose presentations that involve collaborations.  You will receive a response to your proposal no later than April 2, 2020.

Questions about proposals and the Showcase can be directed to the Office for Faculty Advancement,, or by calling 973-655-3276.

Click here to visit our CFP survey form to submit your proposal.