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On-Campus Visit

Preparation for the on-campus visit

  • Create clear calendar of events, including down-time and opportunities to talk and ask questions of a variety of people.
  • Include opportunity to observe and talk with students, ideally without faculty present.
  • For recruitment, consider faculty and staff outside of the department for all applicants. People of similar backgrounds or with similar interests. New faculty want to know they have potential connections beyond the department. Be aware of the variety of offices at MSU that are committed to supporting new faculty, including:
  • Prepare MSU materials for the candidates – a copy of the Montclarian, Forward Thinking, a copy of the Strategic Plan, other pubs and giveaways with our brand is always a nice touch in faculty search.
  • Acquaint applicants with faculty resources and websites including the faculty union website so applicants can understand the salary structures and benefits the university provides.
  • In advance, ask candidates if there is any person, office, or service they would like to meet, visit, or learn more about.
  • Engage all university participants in the process, and ask for feedback. View a Sample Candidate Feedback Form (PDF).