Going public with your research

Research with Montclair

Research with Montclair is a free, public, searchable online gateway of research at Montclair State University. Designed to foster collaborations with Montclair State University scholars in the STEM-related fields across the University, Research with Montclair aims to advance collaboration, discovery and innovation by helping to connect our researchers not only across disciplines but across institutions, government and industry. 
Research with Montclair is a partner of ResearchwithNJ, a free online portal that showcases New Jersey’s experts in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and is spearheaded by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) and the State’s Office of the Secretary of Higher Education
For more information and to join Research with Montclair, contact Karen Ramsden in Sprague Library.

Media training for faculty experts

News media 101: Sharing your expertise with the public

  • Faculty members have a great deal of expertise on subjects that matter to the public, and reporters want to help share that knowledge with their readers, listeners, or viewers. Working with the news media is an exciting opportunity to help educate the public while building the visibility of your program and the University. This workshop will provide simple, actionable tips for working with the news media: beginning with an overview, the workshop will also include some hands-on work to enable faculty to begin to see the path to becoming a faculty expert. Topics include: understanding the media’s needs, delivering your message effectively in a news media interview, and partnering with the Office of University Communications & Marketing.Recording of October 26, 2021 program (Panopto)*

News media 201: Practicing and honing news media skills

  • Partnered with the Office of University Communications & Marketing, in this workshop faculty participants will practice interviewing, receiving feedback from public relations experts.

News media 301: How to write opinion pieces

  • In this workshop, the Media Relations team will provide a template for writing effective opinion pieces for the news media. Participants will learn the process, step by step, and review examples from Montclair State faculty who have seen their work published in the media. Opinion pieces have a format that is widely accepted, and not particularly difficult to learn. Writing guidelines and submission schedules for outlets including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post will also be provided. Partnered with the Office of University Communications & Marketing.

News media perspectives from faculty

  • In development. Partnered with the Office of University Communications & Marketing.

*The University’s preferred video storage system is Panopto. To learn see IT’s resources.