Leadership Toolkit

The Leadership Development Toolkit is designed to help new and continuing department chairs develop their transformational leadership* knowledge, skills, and abilities. Resources have been selected from a variety of sources and address topics identified by chairs as important. Resources have been collected on a range of issues, from conflict management to effective meeting management and coaching and advising faculty and staff.

Resources for chairs



Tickler file for chairs

A 12-month calendar of the most important universal tasks for a department chair to complete.

chairs dashboard

Chairs’ dashboard

The dashboard enables chairs to query university data to uncover trends, challenges, and opportunities relevant to their work as leaders.

Resources for faculty leaders

Faculty Advisors

Resources for leadership skill development

Conflict Management

Conflict management

The practice of being about to identify and handle conflict sensibly, fairly, and efficiently

Running Effective Meetings

Running effective meetings

The practice of executing meetings in productive and timely manner

Coaching and Advising Others

Coaching and advising others

The practice of guiding and training others to improve their performance

*What is Transformational leadership?

Transformational leadership is a leadership style where leaders influence, inspire and motivate members to make a change. Transformational leadership involves:

  • Intellectual Stimulation: Stimulating followers to be creative, innovative, and to take risks
  • Individualized Consideration: Creating a supportive and encouraging climate that involves listening to followers
  • Idealized Influence: Serving as a role model for followers
  • Inspirational Motivation: Communicating high expectations/goals to followers and having them accept the ideals
  • Suggestions, critiques, and concerns should be sent to Emily Isaacs.