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Montclair Faculty: Peer to Peer Support

Recent work presented remotely and on campus

Additional OFA Staff Workshops

Active Learning in Remote, Synchronous Classes – with Julie Dalley, OFA

Balancing COVID Flexibility with Course Expectations – with Emily Isaacs, OFA

Faculty COVID Teaching Pulse Survey, with Emily Isaacs, OFA, April 2020

Student COVID Survey, with Emily Isaacs, OFA, June 2020

High-Impact Course Design Information Session with partners APLU

Designing and Moving Your Class Online Quickly – with Julie Dalley, Office for Faculty Advancement

Techniques to Combat Passivity, Deepen Knowledge, and Increase Recall – with Emily Isaacs, Writing Studies, OFA, and Ron Brooks, Writing Studies

Zoom How-To — with Julie Dalley, OFA, March, 2020


Faculty Partner Workshops

Academic Advising and Academic Support: What You Need To know – Julie Mazur and Danielle Insalaco-Egan, March 2020

CAPS Presentation on Supporting Students in the Age of COVID — Jude Uy and Lisa Westreich, CAPS

Dean of Students’ Office Presentation on Support for Students in Distress — Dean Margaree Coleman Carter, Yolanda Alvarez, Fatima DeCarvalho, Durrell Clark.

COVID 19 Social Services and Support Resource Guide, Dean of Students

 Updated 7.27.21