Dr. Eileen Murray quantitative literacy workshop

Quantitative Literacy

Are you teaching students how to analyze data, make arguments from statistics, draw inferences from graphs or charts? Looking for new strategies for engaging students in quantitative reasoning but not sure if you really should be teaching “math”? Current trends in education demonstrate the steadily growing importance of Quantitative Literacy(QL). Using the materials and scholarship below, you can define what QL is, how you can make it relevant as a teaching topic within your discipline, and how you can help your students develop high level quantitative skills for future coursework and employment.

Evaluating Quantitative Literacy – Rubric

Scholarship on Quantitative Literacy

Slides used for Presentation

Visit this Sustainability Math blog for some useful scholarly and popular articles that mix mathematics and social justice issues, topic-based data graphs, research essay models and assignments, and other curated resources to teach quantitative reasoning across a broad spectrum of sustainability topics. Highly recommend! Credit to Dr. Thomas J. Pfaff, creator of the blog.