Visible Thinking Routines

Active Learning Strategies: Integrating “Visible Thinking Routines” into Lectures and Discussions by Dr. Helenrose Fives, Educational Foundations

In this workshop, Professor Helenrose Fives from the department of Educational Foundation drew on her extensive experience teaching mid-sized undergraduate general education classes in Educational Psychology as well as her work preparing teachers to demonstrate how to use ‘Visible Thinking Routines’ (Ritchart, Church, & Morrison, 2011), to engage students’ in active learning.

Visible Thinking Routines are classroom activities designed to make students’ thinking “visible” so that deeper understanding of content can be achieved. These routines can be readily adapted to any discipline to help students advance their conceptual, active thinking.

Professor Fives’ strategies are aimed to combat the challenge of large classes of students whose preparation and individual abilities to pay attention and be actively engaged vary widely.

Participants left this workshop having gained concrete strategies as well as access to a broad and deep well of methods to experiment with in the future.

Slides used for Presentation (in folder under Fives, Visible Thinking Routines.