Montclair State University Principles of Teaching

Written by the OFA Advisory Board these foundational teaching principles are derived from evidence-based teaching practices and progressive scholarship in the domain of teaching and learning and the experiences and expertise of Montclair faculty.  Developed by faculty and reviewed by faculty in all the colleges and schools as well as the deans and the Provost, these principles will serve all faculty to focus as much on pedagogy and student learning as course content.

Principle 1: Disciplinary Excellence

Create and deliver a coherent course of study with activities and assessment strategies that are consonant with current best practices in the disciplines involved.

Principle 2: Supportive Environment for Learning

Create class and research environments that build community, foster belonging, and promote mentoring.

Principle 3: Clear Expectations and Goals

Provide clear expectations and explicit course learning goals to help foster student success.

Principle 4: Inclusive Content and Pedagogy

Deliver course content that actively integrates, interrogates, and seriously engages with the diversity of perspectives and experiences that a scholarly, responsible treatment of the subject demands.

Principle 5: Universal Design for Learning

Design and deliver all course elements for maximum accessibility to give every student equitable opportunities for success.

Principle 6: Teaching as Reflective Practice

Reflect on one’s teaching practices and beliefs to maximize self-awareness and continual improvement.


Universal Expectations Across Teaching Modalities

Updated 11.18.21