Most Essential Teaching Resources

For faculty new to MSU

Pre-Semester Preparations: Surveys, Guides, Add-ins for Canvas courses

  • Pre-semester surveys that provide students with essential course and modality information and allow instructors to learn about their students are available for downloading and modification on Canvas Commons (links work if you are logged into Canvas only, and Canvas site needs to be published to work). Surveys in text form and Google forms are also available in the MSU Faculty Resources folder (msu account log-in required).
    • Surveys are available in each of the six major modalities: Hawk2Hawk, Hybrid, HawkLIVE, HawkMIX, Hawk SYNC ONLINE, Hawk ASYNC Online.
  • To help explain the modalities to your students, you can embed or link to this brief “Know Your Modalities,” a student-created video explaining the different modalities and what they should expect regarding attendance and meeting your course modality expectations.
  • Familiarize yourself with Montclair’s grading standards and default scale.
  • Canvas Page Add-Ins to Course.[Confused by Canvas Commons? See this short video]. NOTE: Some faculty report that the links below do not work correctly.  If this is the case for you, simply login to Canvas and access Canvas commons from the left-hand navigation bar and you will find all these resources.

Links to Other Faculty Resources

  • The Public Faculty Resources Google folder: Recordings of OFA workshops, lectures and panels, with supplemental sessions from student services and related programs, all can be found in this folder.  *NOTE* you must be logged into your Montclair Google Account to access ( email and NetId password). 
  • IT’s Audio-Visual Services page where you can find lots of information about classroom technology.  To find out what technologies your classroom is equipped with, check classroom assignment on Nest.  Next, if you are teaching on-campus, go to 25 LIVE to see details about your classroom.

Resources for COVID information

All information regarding COVID-19 is available on COVID-19 Information.

Resources for Communicating with Students

  • Video Conferencing Guidelines
  • Student Communications ListServ (9.2.20) by subscribing to this listserv you will be copied on all communications that have been sent to students, so you know what they are being advised re: deadlines, financial aid, policies, registration, support services, and academic advising notices.
  • For those teaching HawkSYNC, communicate your Zoom participation expectations to students, consider sharing these funny student-produced videos on how to properly (and more effectively) participate in class during synchronous Zoom sessions.

Last updated 8.31.21