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Generative AI 101 and Beyond

Worried or curious about generative AI? Thinking about integrating AI in your teaching practice? Join one of our AI sessions this fall!

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This summer and fall the Office for Faculty Excellence will be offering workshops on generative AI and its impacts on higher education. Introductory and Intermediate-level workshops will be available to help orient faculty in the field of generative AI, provide opportunities for hands-on experiments, and offer ideas on how to make use of generative AI tools in the classroom.

The series includes three types of workshops: Generative AI 101, 201, and 301. All three workshops will be offered on a regular basis.

Faculty of all ranks are welcome to attend as many workshops as they would like, at the level that they find most comfortable and helpful for their needs. See below for more information about each workshop and registration.

Generative AI 101: What You Need to Know

Each session will include an introductory overview of the generative AI field and its impacts on teaching and learning, a discussion of AI detection tools and assignments that are harder to cheat on, and a guided hands-on session with ChatGPT that will be tailored to your discipline and proficiency with the tool.

The main session is 30 minutes long. After that, you will have the option to stay for the additional discussion session.



Generative AI 201. Integrating AI into Your Teaching Practice

This workshop is designed for instructors who have had a chance to investigate generative AI, and who are interested in leveraging it in their teaching. Sessions will offer tips on prompting AI more efficiently and using it to develop instructional materials and identify omissions. Your ideas are welcome, too.


Generative AI 301. Using AI to Support Student Learning

Developing AI literacy skills will be essential for students in both their education and future careers. Join this session to explore strategies for helping students learn to use GenAI effectively and critically. From ethics to information evaluation to idea generation, students need practice and guidance in using GenAI with a critical mindset, open to its possibilities and aware of its flaws. 



For more on Generative AI, see Practical Responses to Generative AI.