Academic Excellence Coach Program

Academic Excellence Coach Program, AY23

(HEERF III Pilot, led by the Office for Faculty Excellence with the Center for Academic & Success Tutoring (CAST) and the Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE)

In the Academic Excellence Program (AEC), experienced Montclair adjunct faculty are working as academic coaches, building strong individual relationships with students to coach students in the habits and behaviors that will enable them to reach their academic potential and reap greater rewards from the Montclair experience. 

Academic Excellence Coaches (AEC):

  • Build strong relationships with assigned students
  • Develop individualized plans of action that are achievable and improve student success
  • Expand students’ self-awareness and capacity to learn from mistakes
  • Heighten students’ awareness of what it takes to achieve academic success
  • Coach students in developing and maintaining new learning and academic life-management strategies
  • Coach students in effectively utilizing campus resources
  • Counsel students in maintaining supportive relationships and increasing their personal accountability.

Student Outcomes

  • Improve learning self-awareness: strengths and weaknesses and requisite conditions for learning and success
  • Develop confidence, resilience, and grit
  • Create and maintain time management and other personal organizational strategies that address challenges to success
  • Utilize appropriate campus resources
  • Successfully communicate with peers and professionals
  • Improve or maintain academic standing

Program Evaluation Measures

  • Academic performance
  • Extra/co-curricular engagement
  • Success self-awareness
  • Program engagement

Academic Excellence Coaches (AEC)

Christina Paolucci was a Principal Dancer with New York Theatre Ballet. As an administrator, she was Executive Director/Associate Artistic Director of NYTB and Artistic Associate of The Tallahassee Ballet. Christina coordinates dance-related projects encompassing dance education, outreach, fundraising, and operations management. At Montclair State, she is an Adjunct Instructor of Ballet, Admissions Coordinator for Dance, and an Academic Excellence Coach in the Office for Faculty Excellence. She holds her BFA degree in dance from The Juilliard School.

Adrienne Wallace is an adjunct instructor in Management and Entrepreneurship and an Academic Excellence Coach at Montclair State. She is a nationally certified speech-language pathologist with a Master of Science from Penn State University and a Master of Business Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Adrienne brings her experiences as a manager and entrepreneur into the classroom. She regularly presents to local, national, and international audiences and recently co-authored a book, The SLP Entrepreneur.

Richard Yar has been a social scientist and educator for over 20 years. His areas of interest and expertise include; learners with disabilities, social and cultural conflicts, diversity, globalization, and progressive pedagogy.

He teaches a range of courses in the Anthropology and Sociology departments at Montclair State University, and has worked in virtually every educational level and institution from preschool, and public middle and high schools taking valuable knowledge from his training at Montclair State and applying it in multiple areas.

Most recently, Professor Yar is serving as an Academic Excellence Coach for the Office for Faculty Excellence. In this role, Professor Yar is coaching students at the University who need support in achieving their academic goals by enhancing their skillsets and serving as a liaison between students and various other resources on campus.

EJI 10/7/22