Montclair State University Strategy

Summary of Strategic Plan

The University Strategic Plan, PROJECT SOAR, focuses on student success by innovating the university based on three pillars: 1) fostering student transformation, 2) growing through diversity and access, and 3) discovery and application of knowledge.

Department search committees hire to renew the institution and to support strategic planning, thus considering the goals of SOAR 2025 is relevant as we develop the incoming class of faculty. A university thrives through the prolonged intellectual capital of its faculty. Intellectual capital is nourished in an environment where faculty can find the resources and support to build scholarly programs, deeply understand and engage with students, and work collaboratively with others to promote and advance the university.

To accomplish these broad ideals, we recognize the university as it exists today and plan for the university of tomorrow.

Montclair State Today

The university today is diverse in terms of its students, and much less so in terms of its faculty. Currently, faculty diversity at MSU mirrors national averages.

Montclair State Tomorrow

A more diverse faculty who are enhancing the research footprint and leading successful students who retain a life-long connection to the University.

Montclair State’s Strategy for Recruiting Excellent and Diverse Faculty

Recruitment — and retention — of excellent and diverse faculty is and must be a university-wide endeavor that begins within departments and is supported by the college and schools as well as the provost and president. Search committees and especially department chairs and directors are on the ground, aware of faculty needs and concerns in their units and within their disciplines. They, therefore, have the responsibility and obligation to go directly to their deans to communicate opportunities and concerns so that the dean can provide counsel and support. In addition, search committees should be aware of the Special Faculty Recruitment Initiative, developed in 2010.

Special Faculty Recruitment Initiative: Opportunity for 2nd Hire

President Cole’s recruitment initiative underscores that “One aspect of the excellence of our faculty rests in its diversity, bringing to our academic programs a richness of perspective and breadth and depth of intellectual inquiry and cultural background.” To energize departments’ efforts to recruit a diverse and excellent faculty, President Cole announced the Special Faculty Recruitment Initiative. The Initiative directs departments as follows:

  1. Make every effort to gather a rich and diverse pool of candidates
  2. When a search yields more than one exceptional candidate, the department can work with the dean to approach the provost for authorization to fill a second position, if
    • at least one of the two persons recommended is a person of diversity, according to federal guidelines: African-American, Asian or Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Hispanic or Latino/a (any race)
    • the department is able to demonstrate that the additional candidate is exceptionally strong in an area of specialization that represents a priority need for the department.
    • the department is able to demonstrate student demand for the additional candidate’s area of expertise

The Special Faculty Recruitment Initiative should be read by every person on every search committee, and consulted if and when an opportunity arises.

Updated 02.14.21