Recommended Programs for Faculty Development

We welcome suggestions from the community about faculty development programs that are open to Montclair faculty.  Please send in your suggestions to Emily Isaacs.

  • Elevate at the Rutgers Center for MSIs: The ELEVATE program supports the ongoing development of early-career MSI faculty.  ELEVATE brings together early-career faculty at MSIs to provide support, training, and an opportunity to create a close-knit network of peers. Three-day program help during early summer. Applications are typically due in early to mid-February. For questions or support, please contact the program or OFE.
  • ASPIRE Alliance Summit: The National Alliance for Inclusive & Diverse Stem Faculty. The NSF INCLUDES Aspire Alliance works towards increasing the diversity of STEM faculty across the nation. The Alliance engages a growing network of partners to support systemic change in the STEM higher education system. Every year ASPIRE offers a national conference opportunity.

Updated 2.20.23