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Family Science and Human Development – Gerontology

The concentration requirements for this program emphasize the study of the family. Through this lens, students learn about family development, relationships, dynamics, functioning, health and resource management. They examine the various cultural, community and socioeconomic contexts in which families function and study interventions used to support families across the lifespan with a strong emphasis on gerontology.

This interdisciplinary program is unique in that students take several service-learning courses and complete a part-time internship enabling them to work with older adults in a variety of community settings. Students who complete this concentration are prepared to work in careers in aging at a time when our society is challenged to provide services for a diverse and growing population of older adults. Job opportunities for gerontology students are in community service agencies, senior living facilities, long-term care facilities, community recreation programs and senior citizen centers. This degree also provides students with the educational background they need to pursue graduate study in a variety of areas.

Program Requirements

Family Science and Human Development – Gerontology Brochure

Gerontology is a field of study that examines the social, cultural, psychological and physical changes associated with aging. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Family Science and Human Development, Concentration in Gerontology, prepares students for careers working in various settings.

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