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Cash Receipts

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In light of the circumstances with COVID-19, we wanted to inform you that the University accepts electronic payments such as wire transfers and ACH payments not related to student tuition or fees. Please inform your customers of this alternative in lieu of checks that are written to the University. Please reach out to General Accounting at who can further provide assistance with University banking information to your customers who can begin remitting payments via wire transfer or ACH.

In addition, we have an incoming funds form on the website and as attached to inform General Accounting of any wire transfers or ACHs expected to be received so that these payments can be applied timely to the cost center’s account.

If departments do receive any checks, please put them in a sealed envelope addressed to Student Accounts and bring to the mailroom. Please be sure to follow the Workday Record Cash Sale reference guide. Please send any questions to General Accounting

Office of the University Controller