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Agency Budgets

Review Agency Available Budget Report download PDF 

Agency accounts do not have traditional budgets associated to them as the available dollars for agencies are based on the actual revenues recognized and carry forward from prior periods. To view financial information on an agency account, the Agency Available Budget should be run in the system.

1) In the Search field, enter Agency Available Budget and select the Agency Available Budget for Organization (R006) Report from the search results.

agency available budget for organization
2) In the Organization field, enter the cost center code (CC9xxxx) or part of the name of the agency whose financial information needs to be reviewed.

3) Click Enter on your keyboard to view the matching results.

4) Select the appropriate cost center from the list displayed by clicking into the corresponding selection square.

5) Click the OK button.

organization and period required fields

The financial information for the selected Agency account displays.

agency available budget summary

Export to Excel

The budget report can be exported to Excel by clicking the icon that is a square with an X in it, on the far right of the banner. Additionally, the report can be printed in PDF format by clicking on the printer icon.

export or print icons


Drill Into the Budget Report

Click the number within the corresponding column to display a breakdown of the amount selected and see the individual transactions associated to that amount

drill down into link