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Access PeopleSoft
How do I get access to the PeopleSoft system?
For basic access into the system, users will need to complete the PeopleSoft FMS
Department Administration or the PeopleSoft FMS Principal Investigator course to be
eligible for provisioning.
How can I access FMS from home?
In order to access FMS remotely, the user must go through CITRIX on their computer.
Go to and log in using your NetID and password. Click on the PeopleSoft link. If the log in credentials page does not appear, contact the IT Service Desk for assistance
on installing CITRIX.
How can I access UPK from home?
From the Citrix portal, there is a link beneath the PeopleSoft sign on fields to access
UPK. If asked, confirm to disable sound.
Chart of Accounts
I can’t find the Montclair State University Implementation folder in PeopleSoft. How do I locate the
Chart of Accounts?
If the Montclair State Implementation folder is not showing in your PeopleSoft application, see the PeopleSoft Chart of Accounts (COA) news item.
Click the COA.xls link in the news item to open an Excel spreadsheet containing the Chart of Accounts data.
Can we use the old account numbers and object codes?
No, we cannot use the FRS codes within the FMS system. What we knew as Object Codes are now Account numbers, and the old Account numbers are now the Department numbers.
Is there a way to have my default fund code changed in FMS?
Yes. Email the IT Service Desk with the details of the necessary change and a ticket will be
opened for the request to be completed.
Who do we contact if we need a specific code/Chartfield created?
Please open a ticket with the IT Service Desk to begin the process of having a new Chartfield created when needed.
What Chartfield do I use for a faculty start-up package?
A new Chartfield is needed for each new faculty member. Please contact the IT Service Desk to begin this process. There will be a new Chartfield Request Form shortly.
How can I confirm that the supplier I want to use is in the FMS system?
To check for a supplier before entering a requisition, go to Suppliers > Supplier Information > Add/Update > Supplier. In the Search criteria, select “contains” on the Supplier Name field and enter a part of your supplier’s name.
Do I still need to submit a Supplier Create/Maintenance Form?
Yes. In order to have a supplier created in the system, the completed form, along with
all required back up documentation, must be submitted to the Supplier Create team in
Can I search for Supplier by product area?
No. Suppliers can only be searched through their name or supplier number.
Will the person requesting a new supplier be notified by Procurement that the supplier is added into the system?
At present, it can take up to three days for a supplier with completed documentation to be added into the FMS system. Due to the large volume of requests, requesters will not be getting a notification that a supplier has been set up, and will need to check the system for the supplier. In the future, the Supplier Create Group will be notifying requesters when the process has been completed.
How can I check a supplier’s address to confirm it is correct?
To check details of a supplier, go to Suppliers > Supplier Information > Add/Update > Supplier. In the Search criteria, select “contains” on the Supplier Name field and enter a part of your supplier’s name. Click the Search button to run the request. From the list of suppliers displayed, select the one you want to review and click the Address tab to confirm the address information.
How do I change information about a supplier in the system?
From the Procurement website, print out the Supplier Create/Maintain form and complete and highlight only those sections of information that need to be changed. Send the updated form to the Supplier Create team in Procurement.
Purchase Requisition
Will my FRS information for WB Mason be carried over to FMS?
No. As we are using punch out catalogs, there is no information being carried over from
the WB Mason regarding orders.
Where do I go to adjust or cancel a WB Mason order?
You cannot make any changes to or delete WB Mason orders. Once the order has been submitted it is locked. To return items, first contact WB Mason for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, after the items have been received, and then process the return in the system.
Do I have to call WB Mason for returns?
Yes, call them first and get your Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, then go into the FMS system to process the return.
How can I complete all of the lines within a requisition quickly?
If you are creating a multi-line requisition, click the Requisition Settings from the top of the Create Requisition screen to set the Purchasing Methodology, Requisition Name, Contract/Waiver # for the requisition, as well as the supplier, Chartfield codes, and Attention field for each line item.
How often are the Internal Catalog prices and items updated?
Internal catalog prices and items are updated based on the terms of the specific contract for that catalog. Therefore, each catalog may have difference update terms based on the specific supplier contract.
What categories are currently included in the Internal Catalog?
At present, the following categories have items in the internal catalog:
What category should I use when creating a requisition?
The category used in a requisition is dependent upon the items/services being requested. When in a Punch Out requisition or an Internal Catalog requisition, the category has already been set based on the items.

If you are creating a Special Request requisition, you will need to search the Category list to select the one which matches the goods and services listed on your requisition.

What account number should I use?
The account number is dependent upon the items/services being requested, and is defaulted in the system based on the category of the item that has been populated. When in a Punch Out requisition or an Internal Catalog requisition, the category has already been set based on the items, and therefore, the account number should be correct.

If you are creating a Special Request requisition, you will need to search the Category list to select the one which matches the goods and services listed on your requisition. This will populate the appropriate Account number in your requisition.

What fund should I use?
Based on the funds available for your department, the appropriate fund selected is determined by confirming the correct source of the money for the specific requisition. Each fund has a specific description and should be used based on the appropriate parameters.
Can I make a purchase in currency other than USD in FMS?
No, all purchases would only be in USD.
How long does it take for a requisition to change to a Purchase Order?
It takes two days for a standard requisition to become a purchase order. If there are any issues with the requisition, it can take longer.
Will I get notified that my requisition is now a purchase order?
No. The purchase order will feed through the system to the supplier. To check the status of your requisition, go to Main Menu > eProcurement > Manage Requisitions and search on your requisition number.
Where is the correct place, within a requisition, to attach items?
Any attachments should be added onto the line item within your requisition. If you only have one attachment for a multi-line requisition, attach it to the first line item.
Is there a way to default the room/location/phone extension and tie it to a CWID so it enters automatically on a requisition?
No. The cross reference table does not exist to do this. Use the Requisition Settings to pre-set this information for your requisition. Go to Main Menu > eProcurement > Requisition and on the Requisition screen, select the link for Requisition Settings.
Will requisitions under $1000 still have a purchase order created?
Yes. All purchase orders will be created for all requisitions, with the exception of CR Requisitions.
Do I scan an invoice and send it to Accounts Payable at the time of entering a requisition?
Scan and submit the invoice at the time of requisition creation only if it is for a CR Requisition. All other invoices must have a PO# entered on the invoice, and then it should be sent to Accounts Payable.
How do we handle Homeland Security Invoices?
Submit a Special Request Requisition and make sure to include the full descriptions on the form.
Where do I go for printing services?
You should create an Internal Catalog Requisition for printing services to get the order information. Then go to the Supplier to place the order.
Can we still use blanket purchase orders?
We no longer are using blanket purchase orders. This type of transaction is now a contract purchase order. The department must generate a release and you must still enter a specific purchase requisition against the contract purchase order. Contact Procurement for additional information.
Approved Requisitions
How do I print an Approved requisition?
In order to print an approved requisition, you will need to go to: Main Menu > eProcurement > Manage Approved Requisitions.

Search for the appropriate requisition. Make sure the request state in the search parameters is listed as Approved.

When your search results appear, click the requisition ID link to open the request.

Click the View Printable Version link above the line information section. Make sure your pop up blocker is off.

A summary version of the requisition will display.

From the File menu, select Print.

What is the difference between Deny and Hold for Approvers?
An Approver can DENY a requisition to advise the requisitioner of changes that need to be made in the request. The Approvers comments will be sent to the Requistioner in an email so that any updates can be made, and the request can be resubmitted.

When an Approver selects HOLD on a requisition, the requisition will stay in the frozen state until the Approver changes the status. No changes can be made to the requisition in a state of Hold.

Purchase Orders
Will the Requisitioner be notified when a purchase order has been approved?
Not at this time. Requisitioners should check in the system to find the status of their request.
How do I look up a Purchase Order to find its status?
Requisitioners can go to the Manage Requisitions screen in PeopleSoft (Main Menu > eProcurement > Manage Requisitions) and search for the specific requisition. Once identified, the expansion arrow should be selected for the appropriate line. The Requisition Lifecycle will display. Additional information can be found for each phase by clicking on the corresponding icon within the Lifecycle.
How can I edit a Purchase Order?
Requisitioners and Approvers cannot edit Purchase Orders as they have already been dispatched to suppliers. Should you need to edit a Purchase Order, you will need to contact your Buyer in Procurement Services.
How can I change an account code for a purchase order?
At present, you will need to submit the paper Transfer Expense Form found on the Finance and Treasury website.
How can I make changes to a purchase order once it is dispatched?
Contact your buyer in Procurement for changes that need to be made to a dispatched purchase order.
How do I know when Accounting has received the invoice from the Supplier?
The Invoice icon within the Requisition Lifecycle will colorize in FMS.
Can we print purchase orders from within the system?
Requisitioners cannot receive an official copy of the purchase order. You can request an unofficial copy from Procurement.
The Purchase Order has the CWID of the buyer listed, but no name. How can I get the name of the buyer so that I know who to call?
From the Manage Requisitions screen (Main Menu > eProcurement > Manage Requisitions) click the Clear button and then enter the CWID in the “Entered by” field. The system will display the CWID match within the field.
Can I get a P-Card report on what I have spent?
Yes. The Bank of America interface allows for reports to be run on the usage of P-Cards so that you can confirm charges were placed in the correct departments, etc.
How quickly will I be able to see P-Card transactions in the budget information?
P-Card transactions will be posted once a month, and will at that time, impact your department budget with actual expenses.
How do I receive against a Purchase Requisition?
Go to Main Menu > eProcurement > Manage Requisitions and click the Clear button.

Enter the CWID of the Requisitioner in the corresponding field and click the Search button.

From the results list which displays, click the Actions drop-down menu and select Receiving. Then click the Go button.

In the displayed screen, select the lines to receive and click the Receive Selected Lines button.

Enter the actual amount that you have received from your order into the receiving screen and click the Save Receipt button.

Supplier Payments
What is needed on the invoice before sending it to Accounts Payable?
The dispatched Purchase Order number needs to be written on the Invoice before sending it to Accounts Payable.
How can I send the Invoice to Accounts Payable?
The supplier should be sending their invoice directly to the Accounts Payable (AP) Department in order to minimize receipt time. If you have an invoice to send to AP, you can scan it into your computer and send it to
How can I see if a purchase order has been paid?
To check the payment status of a purchase order, go to Main Menu > eProcurement > Manage Requisitions and search on the original requisition number. Select the expansion arrow to the left of the requisition number to view the life cycle chart. Click the colorized Payments icon on the life cycle to view the payment information.
Where can I find the number of the check sent to the supplier?
To find the check number for a purchase order, go to Main Menu > eProcurement > Manage Requisitions and search on the original requisition number. Select the expansion arrow to the left of the requisition number to view the life cycle chart. Click the colorized Payments icon on the life cycle to view the payment information. The check number is the REF ID number listed on the payment screen.
How do I process an ACH payment that needs to be returned?
Please contact the Accounts Payable department for directions.
Can we stop payments on a check that is lost?
Please contact the Accounts Payable department for directions
What can be done regarding invoices from last year in FRS that have not been paid yet?
Departmental invoices will be paid with this year’s budget. You will need to resend the invoice to Accounts Payable.
How are funds reallocated within the parent pool?
Funds are not being reallocated within pools. For Unrestricted Fund budgets, the Parent Pool available budget amount is simply the sum of all the available budgets of the Children accounts. For Grants, the budgets are entered at the Parent level. In both cases, the budget check is against the remaining amount of the Parent Pool. If a potential purchase would cause the Parent Pool to become negative, Commitment Control will issue a budget error so the Pool does not become deficient. All budget checks, pre-encumbrances, encumbrances and expenses are being handled at the Parent level and reported at the Child level.
What happens when there are not enough funds for a requisition to go through the FMS system?
A budget transfer will need to be completed from one parent pool into the targeted parent pool so that the new purchase can be covered.
Are budgeting policies the same as before FMS went live?
Yes, the fundamental policies regarding accountability spending within budgets remain the same. One change is that budget pools allow for spending with less need for budget transfers
What is Commitment Control?
The sub-module within the General Ledger module of FMS, that controls and tracks budgets.
How are budgets controlled?
Every budget is stored with a Business Unit, Fund, Department ID, and Account. Grant and capital budgets also have a Project ID. Your purchases must use the same Business Unit, Fund, Dept ID, and if appropriate Project ID as the budget. If not your transaction will trigger a budget error.

Requisitions (Pre-Encumbrance), Purchase Orders (Encumbrance) and Actual Expenses are commitments against your budget. The budget is reduced by the amount in each of these transactions, leaving an available budget for future expenditures.

Transactions are “budget checked” by Commitment Control, by checking the dollar amount of the transaction against the available budget remaining in the parent pool. The parent pool budget is the sum of the budgets in all the child accounts belonging to that parent pool.

How do I know which child accounts roll-up to which parent pools?
Commitment Control Trees defines the child to parent hierarchy or “roll-up”. For Unrestricted Operating budgets, the tree name is: BC_ACCT_NONPRJ. “BC” stands for budget-check. If you have access to Tree Viewer, you can view online. If not, you may get a printout from someone who does.
Must there be budget in the child account that I’m using for a purchase?
No. There must be adequate remaining budget in the total parent pool that the child account belongs to. So if you have enough budget in the sibling accounts, your purchase transaction will pass.
What does a budget error on a transaction mean, and what do I do?
A budget error message means that there is insufficient budget in the parent pool of the child account you entered. Take the following steps:

Check ALL the Chartfields (Fund, Dept ID, Account, Project ID, etc.) you entered and correct any chartfield that does not match the Chartfield string where you actually have budget.

Run the budget check again. Note: Never use accounts beginning with 1, 2, or 3 which are for Assets, Liabilities, and Net Assets, respectively, and are to be used only by staff in the Finance & Treasury division.

If you are using the correct Fund and Dept chartfields, but the parent budget of the Account is now spent, you will need to transfer budget from a child account of a different parent pool, to the child account you are purchasing against.

If you have no budgets from which to transfer, or if the transfer is denied, you may not proceed with the purchase as it would cause overspending of the budget.

What if I’m a requisitioner, get a budget error, but do not have rights to view budgets?
Requisitioners should be in communication with the Department Manager or other fiscal staff member before making a purchase, and if there are questions about the budget availability.
Will I be able to see budgets?
Department Managers and other fiscal staff as designated by their division/college may view budget variance reports for unrestricted operating funds in the sources below:

People Soft – Report 101 – refreshed weekly
Adaptive Insights* reports – refreshed weekly
People Soft – Budgets Overview – “real-time” information
*Adaptive Insights is a separate system used for the University’s budget process and reporting.

Contact Kevin Andreano 973-655-7053 with questions.

How can we review Transaction Details?
Department Managers and other fiscal staff as designated by their division/college may view transaction details in the following ways:

Drill down to Source documents in Budgets Overview – Users with designated access may drill down into the numbers that appear in the Budgets Overview and view pages from the source document.

Transaction Details Query – will provide a summarize view of all transactions that take place in budgets, actuals, requisitions and PO’s.

What is a Budget Journal?
All new and revised budgets and budget transfers are created by entry of a budget journal. All journals have “header” information such as fiscal year, date, ledger group, journal ID #, and comments. All journals have “lines” which contain the Chartfield and dollar amount details for the budget change. Budget Transfers must be balanced budget journals in which debits = credits. Journals are approved before they are posted.
Who will be able to enter on-line Budget Journal requests?
Department managers and divisional/college budget managers will enter and submit for approval.
Who will approve Budget Journals?
Via the workflow process, Budget & Planning will approve all budget journals. They will “ad hoc” certain budget transfer requests to division/college budget manager for a second approval, such as transfers between two departments or transfers to/from temporary personnel lines.
How can I view my Purchase Orders in Adaptive?
Adaptive Reporting will give you an overview and you can run a report to see your reports/actuals – similar to Report 101. This is refreshed once a week.
Employee Information in FMS
How can I update an employee address in FMS?
Employees should update their information with Human Resources so that the FMS
system will get updated.