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Supplier Invoice

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In order to request a payment without a purchase order, you will need to complete a Supplier Invoice. Note- the Supplier Invoice is NOT used for reimbursements or refunds. This process can ONLY be used for the limited spend categories listed within this document.

The main steps of the Supplier Invoice are as follows:

  1. Check funds availability by reviewing the Operating Budget Variance for Organization (R002) report
  2. Confirm supplier exists in the Workday system
  3. Confirm Invoice number from Supplier, or create an invoice record using the Supplier Invoice Number Template
  4. Enter the Supplier Invoice information
  5. Check status of request

Check Budget

The first step in creating a Supplier Invoice is to check the available budget. For cost center transactions, run the Operating Budget Variance for Organization Report. If the transaction is for a grant, then the Grant Summary Ledger Report should be run.

• In the Search field, enter Operating Budget Variance for Organization (R002) to find and run the Budget Report.

operating budget variance for organization (2)

• In the Search field, enter and run the Grant Summary by Ledger Account (R134) report.

grant summary by ledger

  1. In the Organization field of the Budget Report, select the Prompt icon and search for the organization you wish to view. To view a list of all Cost Centers or Gifts to which you have access, select Active Cost Centers or All Gifts.
  2. In the Organization field of the Grant Summary by Ledger, select the Prompt icon and search for the project you wish to view.
  3. Click the OK button.

The Budget Variance Report (R002)

operating budget variance for organization summary

Review the appropriate Parent level Available Budget column to ensure that there is money available for the proposed purchase.

If there is not enough budget in the correct parent account, a budget amendment will need to be completed and approved. Please go to the Workday 2020 website to access the Budget Amendment Reference Guide.

The Grant Summary by Ledger Account report (R134)

grant summary by ledger report

Once confirmed that there is enough budget to proceed, begin to build the Supplier Invoice.

Confirm Supplier in Workday

BEFORE beginning the Supplier Invoice process, confirm the supplier exists in Workday.

    • Type Find Suppliers for Requesters in the Search field in the upper left corner of the screen, and click Find Suppliers for Requester – Report.

  • On the Find Suppliers for Requesters screen, enter the name of the supplier on the Supplier field.
  • Click Enter to process the search.
  • From the list of search results, click the selection box next to the appropriate supplier for the request.
  • Click the OK button. In the supplier report:
  • A status of “Active”, in the Supplier Status column, indicates the supplier is available to use. Other statuses include “Inactive” (supplier has not been used in a specific period of time), “Hold” (temporarily unavailable if there is an issue with this supplier file), and “Draft” (the file is being created or updated).
  • The Supplier Classifications column indicates which documents are on hand based on the thresholds for year to date spend.

find suppliers for requesters results

Confirm Invoice from Supplier/Create Invoice Record

The requestor needs an invoice number before the data entry process can be started. If the supplier has provided an invoice, enter the invoice number in the Invoice Number field. For AMEX payments, the 15-digit card number for the cardholder should be used as the invoice number.

If no invoice has been provided, a Supplier Invoice Number Template must be completed so that an invoice number can be generated for use in the system. The Supplier Invoice Number Template is available on the Finance and Treasury website, under Forms, in the Accounts Payable section. NOTE- ONLY use the Supplier Invoice Number Template if the supplier has not provided an invoice with an invoice number included.

Note – A new Supplier Invoice Number Template must be completed each time a new request is initiated. The completed template cannot be reused for multiple requests, as a unique invoice number will need to be generated each time there is not a supplier invoice provided. Please start each Supplier Invoice Number Template from the Finance website to ensure the latest version of the form is being used.

Save the completed template as a PDF (print as PDF) in your computer to ensure the entered data is retained within the form. Once saved, attach the request to the Supplier Invoice in Workday, along with any other related backup.

Confirm the Spend Category of your Request

Next, confirm that the spend category of your request is valid for a Supplier Invoice. The valid Supplier Invoice spend categories are:

Description Code
Archival Services SC0154
Archival Supplies SC0182
Athletic Official Services SC0157
Co-Op Teachers SC0158
Construction Permits/License Fees SC0017
Fine Arts Models SC0264
Honorarium SC0069
Insurance Services SC0151
International Visa Processing SC0263
Memberships/Dues SC0123
Participant Costs SC0261
Permits/License Fees SC0125
Real Estate Taxes (Landlord/Municipal) SC0191
Registrations SC0030
Royalties SC0141
Shipping & Freight SC0262
Stipends SC0166
Student Awards SC0131
Student Prizes SC0130
Subscriptions-Non Software SC0170
Utilities-Electricity Services SC0248
Utilities-Gas Services SC0244
Utilities-Sewer Services SC0249
Utilities-Water Services SC0250
  • Enter Create Supplier Invoice into the Search bar and click Create Supplier Invoice – Task.

create supplier invoice search bar

The Create Supplier Invoice screen displays.

  • Complete the following fields in the header section:
    • Company – defaults as Montclair State University
    • Supplier – click the prompt icon to search and select the appropriate supplier.
    • Remit To Connection – select the delivery location for payment for this supplier.
    • Currency – defaults as USD.
    • Invoice Date – defaults in as the current date. This should be changed to reflect the date of the invoice.
    • Control Total Amount – the total amount of the payment being requested.
    • Payment Terms – defaults in based on the supplier selection. This should NOT be changed.
    • Handling Code –select an option if the check is to be picked up by the requester, or if the enclosure needs to be included with the payment.
    • Supplier’s Invoice Number – This is a required field. Enter the number from the supplier’s invoice or from the Supplier Invoice Template that you created. Please note, if a duplicate invoice number is used for a supplier, the system gives a hard stop.
    • Supplier Contract – used ONLY by Facilities for paying building permits.
    • Memo – leave this field blank.
    • Approver – leave this field blank.

create supplier invoice screen

  • Scroll down to the Invoice Lines section of the screen.
  • Complete the following fields on the line:
    • Spend Category – Select the correct spend category from the table within this document. If the user selects a spend category which is not allowed, they will receive a system error.
    • Quantity – Enter the number of items included in the line of the request.
    • Unit of Measure – Select the appropriate unit of measure.
    • Unit Cost – Enter the cost of one unit of the line request.
    • Extended Amount – The total amount of payment for the specific spend category selected.
    • Cost Center/Division/Additional Worktags – Enter the specific driver worktag to complete the related fields.

invoice lines

splits drop down arrow


  • To split the cost of a line, scroll to the far right of the line and click the zero in the Splits column.
  • On the pop-up, click the drop-down to select if the split will be based on dollar amount or quantity.

split dollar amount

  • On the displayed line, enter the percent or amount of the first portion of the split.
  • Enter the appropriate driver worktag in either the Cost Center field or the

Additional Worktags field.

  • Click the plus sign immediately under the Item counter, and complete the split information on the inserted line.
  • Continue to add lines until 100% of the total line amount has been allocated.
  • Click Done.
  • To add another line to the overall invoice, click the plus sign below the Invoice Lines tab.
  • Once all lines have been completed, click the Attachments tab to upload the required supporting documentation (supplier invoice, or completed template).
  • Scroll back up to the header section of the screen to check that the Control Total Amount field equals the Total Invoice Amount field. This will confirm that all line totals were included in the amount of the payment.
  • Click the Submit button to save this request and send it to the approver for review and processing.

A confirmation banner displays confirming the request invoice has been successfully submitted. If an Alert indicator displays on the banner regarding the Prepaid Transaction process, ignore it (for subscriptions and memberships).

Note – if a disallowed spend category has been selected, the system will display the error message at this point. The Initiator will need to revise and resubmit the request for approval.

Review Budget Check

If the system finds an issue with the budget versus your request, a “Review Budget Check” action and Review button displays on the screen, once the request is submitted. An item will also be sent to your Inbox, Actions tab. NOTE-This request will NOT be sent to the approver for review if there is an issue with the budget.

review button

  • Click the Review button to drill into the request in order to find the issue. In the upper right corner, the budget status displays.
  • Click the View button on the line to see the specific details of the request.

view button on review budget check screen

  • Review the columns of the report, and pay special attention to the Budget Amount versus the Current Transaction columns.

budget check exceptions

  • Based on the information provided, decide if a Budget amendment needs to be completed, or if the request should be edited to adjust the Worktags.

Approval Process

The process moves forward for additional reviews and approvals to the list below.

Note- any of the approvers can Approve, Send Back the request to the Initiator with a comment on any changes to be made, or Deny which terminates the invoice.

  • Cost Center Manager for each department involved
  • Grant or Gift Manager, if applicable

Save for Later

  • Click the Save for Later button to save your request and return to it later.

save for later

  • Follow the steps in the Find Supplier Invoices for Organization to locate those items in Draft status.

Find Supplier Invoices for Organization

To view a list of all Supplier Invoices and their statuses for Cost Centers to which you have access, run the Find Supplier Invoices for Organization report.

  • Enter Find Supplier Invoices for Organization into the Search bar and click Find Supplier Invoices for Organization – Report.

find supplier invoice in search bar

The Find Supplier Invoices for Organization screen displays.

  • In the Organization field, enter the cost center for which to run the report.
  • Click the OK button.

find supplier invoices for org screen

The system displays a report with the following columns:

  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Supplier
  • Invoice Amount
  • Budget Check Status
  • Approval Status
  • Payment Status
  • Memo
  • Due Date
  • Payment Type
  • Last Invoice Payment Date
  • Payment Reference

find supplier invoice for organization summary

Change a Supplier Invoice

Edits can only be made to the Supplier Invoice when an approver sends it back to the initiator and the Payment Status is Unpaid.