Financial Literacy

Money Smarts Right or Wrong? You're the next contestant so come on down!

Do these students remind you of yourself? If so it is time to get financially savvy.

Benefits of College

One of the biggest decisions for a student (and their family) is the decision regarding whether or not to attend college.  There are various benefits for persuing higher education.  Here are a few of those benefits.

Graduating in Four Years

As students are planning their academic collegiate careers, it is important for them to realize the benefits of accomplishing the goal of graduation in a timely manner. Students that meander through their collegiate careers can find themselves spending more money to obtain their goal than their counterparts that do not.  Here are the fiscal reasons why students should meet with their academic advisors and create an academic plan for gaining their degree within four years.

Budgeting, Saving and Credit

Students are encouraged to start looking at their financial health now. Learning how to budget and save are life skills that you can always rely upon.  Monitoring your credit is a good habit to form now when you have the latitude to correct any issues and lay a positive foundation for the future.

Love Your Money will help you understand the answers to all of these questions.

  • When should I start saving?
  • What is a 401K?
  • How do you create a budget?
  • Why should I be concerned about identity theft?
  • Should I get a credit card or a debit card?

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