Request for Review

If there is a change in a student’s household income that is not reflected on the FAFSA a student can submit a Request for Review form.


Can I submit a Request for Review?

At Montclair State, a committee determines whether your special circumstances merit changes in the data elements which determine your Expected Family Contribution or your Cost of Attendance. Montclair State uses standards recommended by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.

If there is a change in your household income due to a change of income resulting from:

  • Unemployment
  • Loss of untaxed benefit (ie: worker’s compensation, child support, pensions and annuities, social security benefits)
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Death
  • Medical expenses that have been itemized on your Federal tax return

 You can complete a Request for Review form to have your financial aid re-evaluated.

You must wait until you receive an award letter (or electronic notice) and then submit the Request for Review packet from our forms page.  If you are incoming freshman you must be accepted to the University, paid your deposit and filed a FAFSA prior to submitting this paperwork.

What is not acceptable for a Request for Review?

We will not process requests for bankruptcy, increases in personal expenses (ie: mortgage payments, tuition increases for siblings, car payments), private school tuition expenses, non- taxed medical expenses, etc.

What documents are required to complete the Request for Review process?

Generally all students must complete the Verification Process if not already done.  This requires the following:

  • Student’s (and spouses, if married) Federal Income Tax Return Transcript for the most recent tax year or a Statement of Income if no tax return was filed; if a student did not have to file taxes, they can submit a Student Non-Filing Statement
  • A Verification Worksheet;
  • For Dependent students a copy of the Parent's Federal Income Tax Return Transcript for the most recent tax year or a Statement of Income; if the parent(s) did not have to file taxes, they can submit a Parent Non-filing Statement‌.

If you already submitted this documentation because you were selected for Federal Verification, you do not need to resubmit.

Additional documentation required is based on circumstances as indicated on page 3 of the Special Circumstances Request for Review form.

Specific documentation will be determined by the section you complete on the form.

How long does the Request for Review process take?

The Request for Review process does not start until June. You can submit your information prior to that and it will be held until June. Once your file has been evaluated based on the allowable criteria, your information will be updated with the Federal Government (and the State of New Jersey if appropriate). 

Once the Request for Review process has started, it can take 4-6 weeks for the process to be finalized.

Students will receive an email telling them that their award has been updated. They can view all information via their WESS account (2015-2016) or NEST (2016-2017).

Should we wait until this process has been completed before we figure out our payment?

No. Submission of a Request for Review form does not mean you will receive additional aid. In some cases, students are still eligible for the same amount of aid they originally received. You should calculate your bill with the aid you are currently being offered. If you are looking at your current aid amount and realize you need additional funding, you may consider a parent PLUS loan and/or private loan options. If you do become eligible for additional aid, you can reduce or cancel your loans later. You can also utilize the Payment Plan offered through the Office of Student Accounts.

Can graduate students file a Request for Review?

Because graduate students are only eligible for loans, there is no benefit to filing a Request for Review.  Any changes to the FAFSA information will not change the amount of funding the student can receive.