Rocky the Red Hawk

Rocky the Red Hawk and the Red Tailed HawkRocky has been BHOC (Big Hawk on Campus) since 1989, when Montclair State adopted the Red Hawk—a mythological bird closely resembling the buteo jamaicensis, or red-tailed hawk—as its mascot.

Red-tailed hawks can also be found on campus, where they perch in trees and on utility poles. But Rocky is more down to earth, rarely climbing higher than the upper bleachers at Sprague Field or taking in the view from University Hall.

While red-tailed hawks are known as strong and aggressive hunters, Rocky prefers a friendly workout at the Student Recreation Center and usually shows his softer side, wearing his heart—and his loyalty—on his sleeve.

Rocky is an avid user of social media (naturally, he prefers tweeting). Follow him on Twitter and Instagram and friend him Facebook to keep up with Rocky and all things Montclair State.

Rocky at a glance:

  • Adopted: 1989
  • Named “Rocky” in a student vote in 2001
  • Alma Mater: Montclair State University, Class of 2010 – yes, he
    actually graduated, but is continuing his education
  • Favorite foods: Rockin’ shrimp at Guy Fieri on Campus and Rocky’s
    Brownie Banana Split Delight
    at the Red Hawk Diner
  • Favorite song: Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Favorite campus hangouts: The Hawk’s Nest and the Red Hawk Diner
  • Favorite saying: "I'm watching you like a hawk."