Paul Cell

Chief Paul CellCell Elected to Lead NJ Police Chiefs

The New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police named Montclair State University Chief of Police Paul M. Cell as its 98th president in June. It is the first time in the association’s 100-year history that a college or university police chief has been elected to the position.

“It is an honor to represent Montclair State and the Passaic County Police Chiefs Association and to be the first university police chief to become the president,” says Cell, who will continue to serve as the University’s police chief during his one-year tenure as president. “I look forward to working with the police chiefs throughout the state on the issues that affect law enforcement in New Jersey.”

The association has more than 1,200 members who are chiefs of police, retired chiefs, law enforcement and private security executives and corporate leaders in New Jersey. Among other things, the association sponsors training seminars, conferences and the Police-Security Expo, and it participates in the legislative process on issues important to the law enforcement community. 

“We have many challenges ahead,” Cell says. “I look forward to leading our organization with innovative concepts to address the state’s policing needs.”

Chief Paul Cell is a thirty-three year veteran of the Montclair State University Police Department. He began his career in 1980, working his way through the ranks of the agency, and was promoted to his current position as Chief of Police in 2001.