Spotlight: Centers and Institutes

This issue highlights four of Montclair State University's many enters and institutes:

Margaret and Herman Sokol Institute for Pharmaceutical Life Sciences

professor in the labThe Sokol institute sponsors a variety of research programs in pharmaceutical life sciences that affect human health, including programs promoting the study of disease mechanisms and therapeutic approaches for malaria and lymphatic filariasis.

The Institute also serves as a resource in the development of graduate and post-doctoral programs in pharmaceutical disciplines such as medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, and pharmacology.

With significant increases in the number of Montclair State students majoring in key drug development and research fields; recruitment of new faculty from top academic and industry institutions around the world; and the launch of significant research into such areas as neglected diseases, oncology, medicinal chemistry, and computational technologies, the Sokol Institute prepares a growing number of highly educated scientists, researchers, and technicians to contribute to the state's $20 billion pharmaceutical industry.

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Center for Research and Evaluation on Education and Human Services (CREEHS)

Housed under the auspices of the College of Education and Human Services, CREEHS conducts high-quality research and evaluation studies that address the most pressing issues in education and human services.

From developing research and evaluation plans to providing technical assistance and professional development, CREEHS is a valuable resource in the field. CREEHS has worked with the Paterson Public School District, Partners for Health, and currently is conducting a program evaluation of the Newark-Montclair Urban Teacher Residency Program.

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Center for Child Advocacyautistic child in class

The Center for Child Advocacy supports and educates child advocates throughout the state, administers grants, provides training, hosts national conferences and events, and offers academic programs that provide students with a multidisciplinary understanding of the role of the child advocate. The Center has received the support of the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services since 1999.

Michelle Cascardi is a child advocacy and policy professor who has been a forensic and clinical psychologist for the past 15 years. Her research focuses on three areas: anti-bullying laws and policies, post-traumatic stress disorder, and adolescents' formation of dating relationships. "I aim to use my research to empower vulnerable children and adolescents through intervention and public policy," she notes.

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Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health

The newly created Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health provides professional development, education, clinical services, and research around the issues of autism, infant and childhood development, and mental health. The Center's director, Gerard Costa—a widely respected expert in the field—notes that "The Center is anchored in a developmental approach to meet the needs of infants, children, adolescents and their families, supported by theoretical education, research-based methods and clinical application."

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