Virtual Meeting Place

The Creative Research Center (CRC) at Montclair State University is a virtual meeting place where creative thinkers from all disciplines can share ideas, spark conversations, and have access to resources at their fingertips.

messaging iconThe Center is led by Professor Neil Baldwin of the Department of Theatre and Dance, a widely published cultural historian and author of several books, including Henry Ford and the Jews and To All Gentleness: William Carlos Williams—The Doctor Poet. Baldwin says he was passionate about creating an online community where scholars, artists, and creative thinkers from all disciplines could gather virtually. 

"While the CRC lives in the College of the Arts, the arts are not the sole proprietors of imaginative thinking," says Baldwin. "The CRC was created to inspire discussion of shared commonalities of imagination and creativity across all fields of knowledge."

Launched in the spring of 2010 with the inspiration and support of College of the Arts Dean Geoffrey Newman, the CRC includes a variety of resources ranging from monthly essays, a virtual student center, and a web bibliography, to a "living document" of references and links to material on relevant issues. The center even has a virtual advisory board with members as prominent as Janet Eilber, artistic director of The Martha Graham Center for Contemporary Dance in New York, and as far away as new media pioneer Gary Hall, professor at Coventry University in the United Kingdom.

"Outside our familiar academic culture lies a vast, fraught, and endangered world," Baldwin says. "Daily occurrences on the big stages of our overstressed society and natural environment affect the way men and women in the post-9/11 generation live their lives. It is imperative that both outside and within the academy we use creativity to bridge global communication gaps."

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