Spring 2015

The Spring 2015 edition of Montclair State University's award-winning Forward Thinking research newsletter highlights finding better treatments for parasitic diseases, teaching a computer to understand whether you're really pulling its leg, finding green solutions for cleaner water and diving deep into autonomous oceanic monitoring.

Find out how our faculty are preparing our students to make a positive change in peoples' lives by giving psychology students hands-on experience working with people with cognitive brain disorders and by offering a curriculum structured to bridge the STEM gap through inclusion.

University researchers are also studying the correlation between cyber bullying and the secrets teens keep from their parents, how to use statistical modeling to predict and treat high-risk pregnancies, the chemical processes in the brain that may contribute to Parkinson's disease  and how staffing decisions for start-ups can have a large impact on its future success.

Forward Thinking - Spring 2015 (PDF 2.4MB)