Spotlight: University Authors

Every year, dozens of Montclair State University professors and researchers become published authors or add to their growing library of works published. From fiction and poetry to global research and anthologies, their work often breaks new ground. Here, we highlight a few those whose research sets them apart.

Scan of book cover‌Reliving the peacock dinner

English Professor Lucy McDiarmid takes a look at a legendary 1914 dinner of seven poets, including Ezra Pound and W. B. Yeats, in Poets and the Peacock Dinner: the Literary History of a Meal. Through research of unpublished letters, diaries, memoirs and poems, McDiarmid reveals how marriage and adultery, as well as friendships, offer ways of transmitting the professional culture of poetry. (Oxford University Press, 2015.)

Scan of book cover‌The nature of globalization

In their book Divisions & Integrations: The Expansion of Global Capitalism, sociology professors Sangeeta Parashar and Yong Wang use a theoretical framework focused on systemic capitalist expansion to highlight the paradoxical nature of globalization. Their research focuses on issues of labor, gender, economic inequality, culture, food systems and the environment. (Kendall Hunt Publishing, 2014.)

Scan of book coverA case for critical thinking

In Deschooling the Imagination: Critical Thought as Social Practice, Education Professor Eric Weiner looks at the social/cultural relationship between learning and imaginative capacity and what it means to be actively engaged in developing a critical and creative mindset against the prevailing ideology of public schools. (Paradigm Publishers, 2014.)

Scan of book coverRemembering Lovewell’s fight

History Professor Robert Gray’s Lovewell’s Fight: War, Death, and Memory in Borderland New England revisits the 1725 bloody clash between the Colonials and the Abenaki Nation to discuss themes of war, death and memory in Colonial times. Cray examines how a poorly executed military operation marred by questionable battlefield behavior, came to be remembered as early America’s version of the Alamo. (University of Massachusetts Press, 2014.)

Scan of book coverInnovative ideas worldwide

Business professors Ram Subramanian and C. N. Jayachandran’s Rethininking Innovation: Global Perspectives brings together case studies from around the world and examines a variety of themes, including technological innovation, research and development, team and human resource management, creative process and entrepreneurship development. (Routledge India, 2014.)

Scan of book coverPerspectives on music therapy

International Perspective in Music Therapy Education and Training: Adapting to a Changing World is the first anthology of its kind. In it, Music Professor Karen Goodman pulls together the ideas of noted educators from around the world to speak to the challenge of adapting in ways that affect music therapy education. (Charles C Thomas • Publisher, Ltd, 2015.)