Adoration of the Shepherds by Cornelius Janssens Ceulin

Cosla Collection

About the Collection

In 1962, Dr. and Mrs. Oscar K. Cosla bequeathed their significant collection of 16th through 19th-century paintings to Montclair State University. The nucleus of the collection was formed in Italy in 1760, when it was part of a larger collection given to Anne de Clerici as a dowry for her marriage to William K. Cosla of Romania. Succeeding generations of the Cosla families enriched the collection. Threatened by destruction during World War II, the collection was moved to San Francisco, birthplace of the fourth generation Mrs. Cosla. A selection of the paintings is permanently displayed in the Alexander Kasser Theater on the Montclair State University campus.

Location: Display cases throughout ground floor and mezzanine areas of the Alexander Kasser Theater

Hours: Available for viewing when the Kasser Theater is open. (Tour option by appointment.)
Free Admission

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