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While the Segal Gallery may be closed to the public this semester, our educational programming will continue with options such as Zoom-based presentations and interactions, and on-campus tours for small groups following CDC guidelines. Such tours can incorporate outdoor sculpture and other artwork installed around campus.

Please contact Education Coordinator Adam Swart ( to explore these options and determine which approach will work best for you and your group or class.

The George Segal Gallery has previously facilitated several different kinds of educational and public programs.

Our 2019-2020 Programs

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Our 2018-2019 Programs

The programs offered by the George Segal Gallery serve a wide variety of audiences and often incorporate interactive, inquiry and discussion-based tours of exhibitions, as well as art-making workshops and experiences.

These programs are generally in the form of scheduled group/class visits to the George Segal Gallery, other exhibition spaces on campus, or off-site at the related school or community organization’s location.

Please note the Gallery requests at least two weeks’ advanced communication for scheduling any group/class visit or tour. Please contact the Art Gallery Education Coordinator 973-655-6941 or for more information and/or to schedule a visit.

Within our Educational Programs, the George Segal Gallery focuses on:

  • Early Childhood Programs: These programs benefit children who are not yet in the K-12 school systems. Generally speaking, these programs are conducted mostly in collaboration with early childhood centers and day care centers, and the participants in these programs are roughly 3-5 years old. The Early Childhood Programs often consist of class visits to the Gallery and art-making activities.
  • K-12 School Programs: The heart of the K-12 School Programs consists of class visits and interactive, exploratory tours of a given exhibit. Art-making experiences are often incorporated into these visits; other in-gallery activities are also frequently incorporated into these visits and can include gallery search “scavenger hunts” and writing exercises. These class visits and gallery programs can be customized to the needs, interests, and timeframes of the involved teachers and classes. The Gallery welcomes class visits from public, private, independent and religious schools, as well as students in homeschool programs.
  • Montclair State Academic Connections: With a large university population, the Gallery constantly seeks to collaborate with an ever-increasing number of faculty on campus, as the Gallery can serve as an invaluable resource for enriched learning. The Gallery embraces collaboration with professors in a wide variety of academic departments and programs, as we seek ways to make relevant curricular connections between a given exhibition and a professor’s course content. These class visits/tours and in-gallery programs are, thus, customized to the needs and interests of the related professors – and faculty in ALL academic disciplines are welcome and encouraged to schedule class visits/tours!
  • Adult and “Senior” Programs: In addition to young children, K-12 students, and the University community, the Gallery also serves general adult and older adult (“senior”) populations. These group visits and tours can be arranged by “active adult” communities, rec centers, work groups, social groups, etc. The Gallery suggests limiting groups to a maximum of 15 people to ensure a more enriching visit.
  • Access Programs: The George Segal Gallery has received ADA approval from the NJ Theater Alliance and the NJ State Council on the Arts. The Gallery is a wheelchair-accessible facility and collaborates with organizations that serve people with a variety of disabilities and special needs. In addition to offering discussion-based tours of exhibitions, the Gallery can also provide various accommodations to assist people with special needs. Please contact the Gallery at 973-655-3382 at least two weeks in advance to arrange for such accommodations.
  • Community Groups: The George Segal Gallery also welcomes group visits from various community organizations. Community Groups include organizations outside of traditional school settings and which can be comprised of very diverse audiences, such as social clubs, weekend arts or sports programs, and other groups/organizations coming from the off-campus community.
  • Off-Site Programs: When requested, the George Segal Gallery will send a Museum Educator off-site to conduct presentations of relevant artists, artwork, and exhibitions. These presentations can be accompanied by art-making workshops, depending on the requests and interests of the hosting agency. Such programs are offered year-round and can be held during the summer and/or at times when the Gallery is closed for installation. Off-site programs are often facilitated for senior communities, organizations serving people with severe disabilities, and organizations for whom transportation to the Gallery is difficult to arrange. Although, any school, camp, institution or organization can schedule an off-site program to be hosted at their facility.

Guidelines for Group/Class Visits:
School groups must provide at least one adult chaperone per ten students, and chaperones must accompany the group at all times.

Chaperones will be responsible for enforcing appropriate behavior in the gallery.

Please understand that each reservation is limited to that scheduled time frame; if a group arrives late, their tour and/or workshop may not be extended.

A fee will be applied for all groups that engage in hands-on art-making activities. The fee is $3 per participant. The fee is waived if the group brings their own materials.

In addition to the private tours and experiences that the George Segal Gallery provides to school groups, Montclair State University classes, and community groups and organizations, we also host several public programs every year.

The George Segal Gallery hosts numerous public programs each year and the content is often directly related to a given exhibition. Thus, these public programs are unique offerings exclusively relevant to the particular exhibit. These programs are open to the general public and can include opening receptions, gallery talks, curator lectures, panel discussions, film screenings, musical performances, and literary readings.

The George Segal Gallery is wheelchair accessible.

If you require special accommodations or services, please contact the Gallery at least two weeks prior to your scheduled visit at 973-655-3382 or 973-655-6941.

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