About Us

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Established in 1981, Montclair State University's Gifted & Talented provides engaging courses designed to meet the intellectual and social needs of high-ability students. In the program's inaugural semester over 30 years ago, 77 students in grades 7-11 enrolled and were offered two courses. Gifted & Talented has now served more than 10,000 academically gifted and talented students. A diverse array of grades K-11 students come from New Jersey and surrounding states, as well as international students. 

Mission Statement

Montclair State University's Gifted & Talented is committed to engaging participants in a challenging, NAGC-standards based curriculum designed to support student learning and development. We strive to provide rich and varied learning experiences that are thought-provoking, relevant, developmentally appropriate, and culturally sensitive, through which our students will acquire the skills and integrity needed to succeed both in and outside of the classroom. 

Our Program

Montclair State University's Gifted & Talented provides students with a balanced program of science, technology, humanities, mathematics, and the fine arts. Gifted & Talented courses stimulate higher order thinking skills and problem solving and include a diverse array of topics such as: forensics, robotics, debate, animation, astrophysics, world history, architecture, and epidemiology. Our small class size and low teacher-student ratio allow us to provide students with customized programs. Students delve into topics of personal interest while engaging with other students who have similar abilities and passions. Our instructors, or Subject Matter Experts (SME's), have diverse backgrounds and include university professors, teachers of the gifted, and professionals with real-world experience. Students in grades K-11 have an opportunity to enroll in onsite courses delivered over nine weekends in the fall and spring, as well as the summer academy that is offered in two, three-week sessions. Online courses are also offered for Grades 4-8.