New Applicants

Step 1

Complete the Gifted & Talented Program Application.

Step 2

Submit Eligibility Documents. Eligibility Documents can either be sent via email attachment (PDF preferred) to or faxed to 973-655-7895, Attn: Gifted & Talented- Applicants FIRSTNAME LASTNAME.

To view eligibility requirements and types of eligibility documents accepted, please read our Eligibility page. Applications will not be reviewed until all eligibility documents are received by the Gifted & Talented office.

Step 3

Receive admission status from the Gifted & Talented Program. Notifications of admission status are sent to the email address of “Parent 1”. Acceptance notifications are sent on a rolling basis. If accepted, the student will receive information about tuition payment and how to register for Gifted & Talented courses.

Returning Students

Returning students who have participated in Gifted & Talented within the past two years and have already completed our online application simply need to register for courses with their student ID number via our online course registration forms.

Returning students who have not participated in Gifted & Talented for more than two years must follow the New Applicants admissions process (listed above) and submit new eligibility documents and complete a new application.   

Not sure if you completed our online application? Forgot your student ID number? Didn’t receive registration access? Please email with the student’s full name and the most recent G&T session the student has attended.