Please note: The Gifted and Talented Program at Montclair State University will be closing at the end of the spring 2018 session.

gifted students working with their parents on a project

The Gifted & Talented program provides parents, schools, and groups with information about identification, assessment, educational opportunities, workshops, and resources for gifted children.

NEW for any interested teachers, administrators, parents, and other gifted education advocates: introducing the Montclair State University Online Certificate Program in Gifted and Talented Education. For details, please download the GT Education Online Certificate Program brochure, or click here‌. 

Our Parents of Gifted Offspring (PoGO) Program offers helpful information regarding the latest trends in gifted and talented education through FREE presentations held at the MSU campus during our Onsite Program. For details, please click here: PoGO Program .

Our Careers in Five Video Series offers FREE career advice from professionals in a variety of fields for all interested students as a public service of the Montclair State University Gifted and Talented Program in celebration of our 35th Anniversary Year (2016). Videos will be posted soon, thanks to everyone who volunteered their time and expertise. For details, please click here: Careers in Five Video Series or visit our YouTube Channel .

Families of gifted and talented children are encouraged to explore the following resources:

Testing: The MSU Center for Clinical Services  973-655-3600 offers reasonable rates on research-based testing for students ages 4+ (ask for G&T testing) 

Advocacy: The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) and the New Jersey Association for Gifted Children (NJAGC) offer workshops and online resources for advocates of gifted children.