Careers In Five Video Series


Careers In Five Video Series

NOTE: Coming Soon! We will begin posting our first installments of the Careers In Five Video Series later this spring. Please contact us using the information listed below if you are interested in participating in this project. Sign up for notifications on Facebook or Twitter through our home page or check back here for periodic updates, thanks!



The Montclair State University Gifted and Talented Program has operated onsite courses since 1981. To celebrate our 35th Anniversary, we have committed to our largest expansion ever with our Offsite and Online Programs.


Part of what makes the MSU G&T Program unique is our Whole Child approach to providing G&T products and services. We firmly believe that our students are much more likely to enjoy success as Program Alumni if we address their social emotional as well as academic needs. The Careers In Five Video Series showcases a diverse group of professionals- including our own Program parents and staff- to support G&T students as a career exploration service.


The Careers In Five Video Series serves as a career exploration resource to inspire future professionals. Our goal is to provide this free resource on our Program web site to promote student exploration of a wide array of careers through the eyes of a diverse group of area professionals. Each video highlights the professional's career path, who or what may have inspired them, and the skills necessary to enjoy success in the field in under five minutes. The videos are designed to serve as a catalyst for sparking student curiosity and motivation to further explore a given career field of interest. We hope that your child gains a deeper understanding of the wealth of career options before them and is motivated to learn more about his or her career options after browsing through this resource.


If you are an area professional interested in assisting with this project, please contact us with the subject line "Careers In Five" at our office email account: giftedmsu at montclair dot edu . We are especially interested in professionals who have a particularly inspiring story that would relate well across our diverse student population. We are also interested in participants who are females in a STEM profession and/or alumni of our Program. Thank you!


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The Careers In Five Video Series is hosted by the Montclair State University Gifted and Talented Program. “Careers In Five” and “Careers In Five Video Series” were terms developed and copyrighted in 2016 by the Montclair State University Gifted and Talented Program. The Montclair State University Gifted and Talented Program has made every effort to choose age-appropriate content but cannot be held liable for the personal or professional views of any of our “Careers In Five” video guests. Educational use of the “Careers In Five” videos for career exploration purposes is permitted.