Grades 9-12

The following online classes are interactive classes designed for deep thinking over nine weeks. Students must meet eligibility criteria in their specific subject matter in order to be accepted into the online programs.

The fee schedule for online classes is the same as the intensive courses.

Fees: $335 (1 Class) | $625 (2 Classes) | $810 (3 Classes)

Spring 2015 Online Classes






Building Peace



Language Arts

Short Story Writing




Abnormal Psych  Online P901DL2


In addition to a spring and fall schedule, we offer two, three-week long camps during the summer for students in grades 9-12. Learn more.


The following workshops are intended to help foster your specific interests in one to two day sessions. These programs are accelerated. Students are challenged to think critically. Each workshop is unique and no, one workshop has to be paired with another. Students must meet Eligibility criteria in their specific subject matter in order to be accepted into the workshop programs.

All workshops are hands-on and require students to put their full energy into each aspect of the lesson. Students will be challenged through a variety of activities in each of the workshops.   

We do recommend you bring a snack and water for the longer workshop classes.

In addition to a spring and fall schedule, we offer two, three-week long camps during the summer for students in grades 9-12. Learn more.

Fall 2014 Workshops







Fine Arts

Portfolio Review/Prep

October 18

8:30a.m. - Noon



Fine Arts

Painting on Silk

October 25

8:30a.m. - Noon




Understanding Political Systems  November 1  8:30 a.m. -
3:00 p.m.
K997S14 $145.00

Advanced Learning Strategies

Test Taking Strategies

November 8

8:30 a.m. -
3:00 p.m.




ACT Boot Camp

A large number of students have been opting to choose the ACT over the SAT. This course will help with practicing logic based questions, review mathematics, problem-solving, and rhetoric. This boot camp will be an intense two days of reviewing and practicing what will be needed to get ready for the ACT.

Formatting (MLA/APA)

Formatting: MLA and APA
Formatting in MLA and APA style can feel daunting. Proper citation is important when writing any type of paper. MLA (Modern Language Association) style is one of the most widely used to write papers in the liberal arts and humanities field. APA style is used to cite information within the social sciences. This workshop will cover where and why each are used. The workshop will also cover some of the basics on Citation standards and in-text references. This class is designed to help you understand how to utilize the MLA and APA books.

Identifying Personal Persona through Theater

Getting up in front of a room to do presentations can feel daunting! This workshop is designed to help you feel more at ease in front of a group of people. You will be challenged with improvisational techniques, movement techniques, and mini dialogues. Through scripts, reading phrasing in different forms, and interacting with a new group of people you will learn tricks that great public speakers use. This workshop is designed to encourage confidence, and help you begin to present the “you” that you want people to see when standing in front of a group of people. 

Intro to Political Ethics

If Socrates were put on trial today, how different would the outcome be? The politics of Aristotle and Socrates are evident in contemporary society. This workshop will cover the question of ethics and take a look at historical figures. You will be challenged to identify if some of the more known historical figures were ahead of their time, or if they were in violation of their own governmental systems.

Painting on Silk

In this class you will learn how to paint on silk. Choose from creating a wall hanging or a silk scarf. Painting on silk requires an understanding of how different materials will react with the fabric. This course is designed for people with an interest in art, design, or fashion. *The cost of paint and materials is included in the price of the course.

Portfolio Review/Prep

Preparing an art portfolio can feel daunting. You’ve worked hard on your artwork and now you must prepare it to be shared with an audience. Learn tips and tricks for presenting your artwork to a panel for college interviews. Learn how much is too little to show, what types of questions to be prepared to answer about your work, and why presentation matters. Bring your current base portfolio and or samples of your artwork.

Research Techniques

This workshop will focus on introducing how to analyze qualitative data for research projects and papers. The workshop will take a look at ethnographic research, ethical inquiry, subject relativity, and market research to draw a fact based conclusion. You will be asked to examine validity of sources, and begin to interpret data as a group.

Rhetoric & Comp

Emotion, credibility, and logic are three elements necessary in writing. Rhetoric itself is the study of writing and speaking well. Rhetoric requires persuasion and proper composition to create a successful piece or writing or presentations. When you write, knowing your audience and how to talk to your audience is important. This determines tone, voice, and language. In this class you will focus on the art of persuasion and knowing your audience. You will be asked to think critically about arguments and evidence in writing. You will be asked to challenge what is known in a piece of writing, and then examine how to improve upon it.

Test Taking Strategies

Throughout High School and College you are going to be taking a lot of tests. Every few months you are challenged to demonstrate what you’ve learned. This workshop will cover strategies to go through before and after each major test you are about to face. Confidence, nutrition, sleep, study skills, and strong note taking skills are essential in helping reduce test anxiety.

Understanding Political Systems

This workshop will be a combination of a lecture and hands on experience. After reviewing aspects of the United States political systems you will be broken into groups to create and propose a bill.  Everyone in the class will be given a specific role to fulfill.  It is your job to act out this role with what you know about the political system, history, and any prior knowledge you have on current affairs. You will be encouraged to emulate, debate, and experience aspects of the political system.