Student Spotlight

Student Reaches 200th Day at Gifted & Talented Program

It seems not too long ago that Connor reached his 100th day in the Gifted and Talented Program and we said we looked forward to his next 100 days. That incredible milestone was reached on July 19th, 2017. Connor first joined our program for three weeks in Summer 2010. He had such a rewarding experience in 2010, that his parents registered him for both sessions, every year, starting in 2011, through this Summer (2017).
Connor’s classes, grades, and gifted ability are evident in all subject areas. He is truly a dynamic renaissance student in mathematics, science, language arts, and the humanities. 
We are excited that Connor has become a member of our 200+ Day Family. Connor has officially joined an even more elite group of gifted students that have graced our campus since 1981. We appreciate the commitment each of our gifted students and families demonstrate each year. Congratulations to Connor, his family, his instructors, and program assistants on this achievement!
Connor's bouncing Ball project from his Digital Animation class 
Connor's bouncing Ball project from his Digital Animation class
If you would like to join Connor for similar rewarding experienes, please visit our springsummer, and fall tabs to apply for our sessions.


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