Global Images 2008

Global Images 2008
International Travel Photography by MSU Faculty and Staff
1st Prize
Morton D. Rich
"Cousin's Kitchen"

cards face down on a table

2nd Prize
Lisa DeLorenzo

"Gao Xuan Meets a Real Panda"

Gao Xuan Meets a Real Panda

3rd Prize
Judith Lin Hunt

"Looking for the Future: Hoping to Survive"

Cheetah looking from their perch a rock

Honorable Mention:

Heather J. Buchanan
"Blue Soldier Crabs", Australia
"Sea Snail Art", Australia

Francis Migone
"Untitled" , Italy

Carol Nurse
"Three Parade Watchers" , Brazil

Rebecca Shell
"Rush Hour on the Mekong" , Vietnam

Nadeem M. Firoz
"Untold Wisdom" , Mexico

Included In Exhibit

Arlene A. Amorison
"A Time to Meditate", Greece
"Bergman, Rosellini & Stromboli" , Italy

John B. Amorison
"Over the Front Door at Topkapi Museum" , Turkey
"The Blue Mosque" , Turkey

James D. Bordone
"Gates at the Bazaar" , Iran
"Wildflowers of Fars" , Iran
"The Women of Khajoo Bridge" , Iran

Lisa Delorenzo
"Lotus Blossum" , China
"Ancient China, Modern China" , China
"Mountains of Wolong" , China
"Guilin in Repose" , China

Nadeem M. Firoz
" We are One" , Mexico
"Beautiful Struggle" , Mexico
"Let Me Fly" , Mexico

Mike Gesario
"Window on Aruba" , Aruba

Rita D. Jacobs
"Herbs Outside the Apothecary" , Morocco
"In the Souk" , Morocco
"Tending the Fire Oven" , Morocco
"From La Terrasse des Tanneurs: Dyeing the Skins" , Morocco

Judith Lin Hunt
" Shifting Dune" , Namibia
"Cracked" , Namibia

Joanna Madloch
"Having Fun" , Hungary
"Life in the Tower of London" , England
"Skansen of Lemko Culture" , Poland

Francis Migone
"Santa Caterina" , Italy
"Paesaggio Urbano" , Italy
"Matiina in la Piazza del Campo" , Italy

Carol Nurse
" Three Parade Wathcers" , Brazil
"Baianas-in-Training" , Brazil
"Children of Christianenberg School I" , South Africa
"Children of Christianenberg School II" , South Africa

Jory Oulhiad
"Medieval Meets Modern" , Morocco
"Vivid Vista" , Morocco
"Doorway to the Sky" , Morocco
"Walking the Horizon" , Morocco

Morton D. Rich
"Theatre Museum" , Hungary
"The Horse Whisperer" , Hungary
"Hungary Meets America" , Hungary

Reginald Ross
"What God Hath Wrought" , Zambia

Rebecca Shell
"The Florist" , Thailand
"The Worker" , Vietnam

Tim Sullivan
"The Mighty Matterhorn in Clouds" , Switzerland
"Beautiful Zermat Switzerland" , Switzerland

Marion Zaborney
"Coyote Tracks in the Sand" , Mexico