Global Images 2009

Exhibition April 9 – May 9, 2009

In Gallery One

Opening Reception

Thursday April 16 , 4- 6pm

First Place:

staircase going downstairs

Morton D. Rich

Raoul Wallenberg Guesthouse, Hungary, June 2006


Second Place:

Museum Du Louvre

Joanna Madloch

Beauty and the Beast, France, July 2008 


Third Place:

 boy at the bottom of a stone staircase

Rebecca Shell

Saffron Robes, Cambodia, August 2006

Honorable Mentions:


Rebecca Shell,

Sitting Buddha, Cambodia, August 2006

eating breakfast at the dining table

Morton D. Rich,

An American Cousin, Eger, Hungary, June 2006


Included in Exhibit:

 Arlene Amorison,

At the Empire Palace Hotel, Rome, Italy, September, 2007

 Laura Foresta,

Odd Man Out, San Juan, Puerto Rico, April 2008

 Judith Lin Hunt,

Red Rock at Sunset, Namibia, May 2006

Reflective Drink, Etosha, Namibia, May 2006

 Joanna Madloch,

Verdun Ossuary, Verdun, France, July 2008

Writer and Photographer, Paris, France, July 2008

Walking Toward Victory, Paris, France, July 2008

Notre Dame (Spaceship Style), Paris, France, July 2008


Morton D. Rich,

Entryway, Szentendre, Hungary, June 2006

Faith Ryan,

Sardana (Catalan Dance), Barcelona, Spain, October 2008

Magic Mime, Barcelona, Spain, October 2008

 Rebecca Shell,

Dawn, Tarangire N.P. Tanzania, January 2009

Untitled, Tarangire N.P. Tanzania, December 2008

 Nancy Tumposky,

A Game of Boules, St. Paul de Vence, France, July 2008

The Way of the Cross, Antibes, France, July 2008

Children in Piazza Garibaldi, Nice, France, July 2008

How Do They Feel About Us?, Nice, France, July 2008

Marion Zaborney,

A Path in the Marsh, Oak Hammock Marsh, Winnipeg, Canada, October, 2008

I Can Stand on Two Feet, Tundra, Churchill, Canada, October, 2008

Images not selected for the exhibit may be picked up from Segal Gallery
Thursday 12:30-7pm & Friday 10-5pm.