Global Images 2011

International Travel Photography by Montclair State University Faculty & Staff
Sponsored by: The Global Education Center MFA Studio Program, Montclair State University Art Galleries

Call for Submissions

The Global Education Center and the

MSU Art Galleries and the MFA Studio Program
11th Annual Competition and Exhibition

Montclair State University Finley Hall Gallery
Global Images 2012:
by MSU Faculty and Staff 

Submissions Deadline: January 27, 2012
Exhibit: March 9 - 20, 2012

Reception: Monday March 19, 2012 at 5:00pm


1. Entrants- Photographs by Montclair State University faculty and staff, active and retired

    • Each individual may enter up to five works.
    • New submissions, not previously entered into the 2004- 2011 competitions.
    • Photos must have been taken within the last three years.

2. Characteristics and Format of Entries

    • The theme is world travel (outside the United States), which should be the subject of the work. There are no other limitations on subject matter.
    • All entries will be submitted electronically and do not need to be matted.

3. Submission Procedure

Electronic submissions should be sent by January 27, 2012 to with minimum dimensions of 1600 x 2000 pixels in RGB or grayscale modes, in 8 or 16 bit depth, in either JPG or TIFF formats. Attachments larger than 10MB should be sent through a file sending service such as

File name should be LAST NAME-FIRST NAME-IMAGE NUMBER, such as DOE-JOHN-1.jpg

Also include a word document or text file with artist name, image number, title, year and place for each image.

4. Judging and Announcements

    • All entries will be judged by three experts in the field, and prizes will be awarded based on content and quality of the works.
    • Selections will be announced February 8 by the Global Education Center.

5. Exhibition

    • Selected works will be printed and exhibited in MSU’s Finley Hall Gallery
      • March 9 – 20, 2012
        •   Reception Monday March 19, 2012 at 5:00pm

Tuesday March 8, 2011 – March 17, 2011
MFA Gallery, Finley Hall
Opening Reception: Tuesday March 8, 2011 5pm

First Place:
Grace H. Bourbon, Early Childhood, Elementary and Literacy Education
Garbage Dump: People in Garbage Heap
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 2010

Second Place:
Amy Srebnick, History
Barcelonetta Balcony
Barcelona, Spain, 2011

Third Place:
David Witten, John J. Cali School of Music
Bergamo, Italy, 2009

March 2011

The Global Images International Travel Photography by Montclair State University Faculty and Staff, co-sponsored by the Global Education Center, MFA Studio Program and University Art Galleries, was started in 2002 to highlight hidden talents and skills as well as the broad international experience of our campus community.

Drawn from over 100 submissions, the selected works by 15 individuals feature 13 countries, including not only France, Italy, Spain and England but also China, Nepal, India, Bosnia, Tanzania, the Czech Republic and the prizewinning photograph of the Dominican Republic. They range from sharp photojournalistic commentary to interpretations of Impressionist paintings.

This year the panel of judges included Professor Andrew Atkinson of the Department of Art and Design, Mike Peters, Director of Photographic Services, University Communications and MFA students Kristen Sweeney and Christopher Luongo. I would like to extend our thanks to the judges for their work in selecting the photographs to be exhibited.

On behalf of the Global Education Center, I would like to congratulate the three prize winners and six honorable mentions and all who shared their fascinating images. As you continue to explore the world beyond our campus you enrich us all.

Marina Cunningham
Executive Director
Global Education Center

Honorable Mentions:

Rita Jacobs, English
Daybreak on the Ganges
Varanasi, India, 2011

Joanna Madloch, Classics and General Humanities
Exhibit in Oscar Schindler Factory
Krakow, Poland, 2010

Peter Siegel, Anthropology
An Impression of Monet’s Garden
Giverny, Vernon, France, 2009

Greg Waters, English and Honors Program
Shanghai Dragon Boats
Shanghai, China, 2009

Elizabeth Wishnick, Political Science and Law
The North Temple Pagoda
Suzhou, China, 2010

Samantha Fricano, M.F. A. student guest contributor
El Payaso de Sant Cugat
Sant Cugat de Valles, Spain, 2008


Other selected images:

Linda Davidson, College of the Arts
Pedestrian Crossing
Mostar, Bosnia, 2008

Linda Davidson, College of the Arts
Courtyard and Castle of Angers
Angers, France, 2010

 Alice Freed, Linguistics
The Lion King
Serengeti, Tanzania, 2011

Alice Freed, Linguistics
Maasai village (with Happiness Lemiuret)
Tanzania, 2011

 Samantha Fricano, M.F.A. student guest contributor
Castellars de Sant Cugat
Sant Cugat de Valles, Spain, 2008

Ron Hollander, English
Coffins at Teresienstadt
Czech Republic, 2010

Ron Hollander, English
Flower Hat Weaver
Huanglongxi, China, 2008

Rita Jacobs, English
A School Outing to Fatehpur Sikri
India, 2011

Rita Jacobs, English
Sleeping It Off
Bhaktapur, Nepal, 2011

Matthew Orlando, Graduate School
Lavas Souvenir
Costa Rica, 2009

Silvia Romero, Accounting, Law & Taxation
Petra, Jordan, 2009

Silvia Romero, Accounting, Law & Taxation
Petra Jordan, 2009

 Amy Srebnick, History
Paris Brasserie
Paris, France, 2010

Amy Srebnick, History
Marche Aux Puces
Paris, France, 2010

Greg Waters, English and Honors Program
Shanghai Bubbles
Shanghai, China, 2009

David Witten, John J. Cali School of Music
Zhongshan Park
Beijing, China, 2009

David Witten, John J. Cali School of Music
Paris, France, 2010

David Witten, John J. Cali School of Music
Beijing, China, 2009

Marion Zaborney, Receiving Services
St Mark's Square Under Water
Venice, Italy, 2010

Marion Zaborney, Receiving Services
The Street Painter
Florence, Italy, 2010